Saturday, May 01, 2010

i know, right?

i keep thinking to myself, there has got to be something to blog about these days. and there is. the kids are off track again, the plants in the garden are popping up, the snow is gone, the race is looming, the kids are bugging me, and all sorts of other stuff. but the thing is, by the time i get to sit down to the 'puter, i'm tired. and frankly, i'm bored of blogging again. i know, it happens every couple of months. but hey, it's my bloggy.

there is this other thing too. see, big d and i are doing this healthy thing again. i know i've talked about it before, anyway, for the next two months, we are limiting our screen time. which means i will only have short spans of time with which to update you on my blog. of course that means, i won't.

but i am around in cyberspace. facebook, twitter. whatever. you just have to know where to look. and i know you are so dissapointed and will miss my blathering and less than insightful posts, but you are just going to have to suffer. i'm doing this for the betterment of myself, and the cash reward at the end.

i hope to have a bunch of pictures one of these days. probably from my race, maybe from the shows, and possibly of the kids.

so, for now, i say, "see ya later"