Friday, October 30, 2009

random daily irony

running 7 miles on the treadmill, wearing a "les miserables" t-shirt

Thursday, October 29, 2009

fussy's nightmare

we woke up the other night, in the middle of the night, to a bloodcurdling scream. now, it probably was scarier for big d, who was face to face with fussy, seeing it was fussy who screamed. i had never heard my child, or any child, scream so loud, so scared, or for so long. it took a good minute to calm him down. he spent the next hour shaking and burrowing under the covers of my bed. i tried to find out what was wrong, the only thing i got out of him was something about daddy's head.

i don't know if it is right or not, but i like to find out what my kids nightmares were about. so the next day, fussy and i were talking about what he had dreamed about. it went something like this:

"did you have a scary dream last night?"


"what did you dream about"

"daddy's head"

"was daddy's head not on his body?"

"nope, it was off"

"how did that happen?"

"i cut it off, like this" (sliding his hand across his throat)

should i be concerned about this? i mean, my child is dreaming of cutting off his fathers head! i'm hoping it's just a bit of halloween gore that is giving my kid nightmares. i must say the screaming freaked us out, but hearing the details of the dream kinda freaked me out more. it probably unsettles big d much more.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

bloggin about the weekend

friday, big d came home early. i decided it was beautiful weather and went for a run. with my dog. we went not very far when a big german shepard came out of nowhere and attacked my dog. poor lil' lexi. i was distraught. after kicking and screaming, and getting the dogs separated, we came home. i cried, lexi shook. she hid. she bled a lot. she had quite the puncture wound. we watched her close friday night. she was breathing hard, even sleeping. it was scary. i never realized how much i love that stupid dog.

saturday, we did chores. we watched lexi get better. i went for a nice run. harry and i went to an usborn party where we spent more money than we should have, but hopefully got some good books for christmas. we then went on a hike, where the boys wore us out. we had a lot of fun exploring, even if fussy screamed to walk, and chili didn't' want to go because he didn't want his feet to hurt. we had a late dinner and watched a movie after. we were up with chili who had a stomach ache, and harry who had a sore throat. we stayed up too late, and we were already tired.

sunday, we spent the day being sick. with a snotty nosed fussy, and a sore throat harry and a stomach ache chili, we decided to stay home from church. we watched that mini series "john adams", and were quite lazy. we found out that our chickens were moulting. it was crazy, the coop is full of feathers.

sunday night, we had the same stomach pain from chili, sore throat from harry. only big d and i were also feeling cruddy.

that lead to monday where we stayed home from school and were lazy again. only about half way through the day i wish i had sent the boys to school. because they felt better and were crazy. big d took chili to the wood store and they started on a project for halloween.

so even though we had a long weekend, with monday off, we were still home sick. it was nice today when i got them off to school. and it was quiet. i think we are all still fighting a bug, but at least we can function now.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

wordless thursday

found in the backpack yesterday

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

guess the child

mom: "look at the parachuters!"
child: "yeah, a plane must have blown up!"

child:"i wish you two would stop swearing"
under his breath "but i know it's never going to happen"

child: "mom, i'm not a big red clifford dog"
mom "uh, okay"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i took fussy for a run today. it's getting to be the time of year when you have more bad days, more cold weather days. it's a treat when you can get outside for a run. i don't want to miss any opportunity to get outside.

i peeked out the window before we left, and i noticed that the trees were swaying. it didn't look too bad, so we went anyway.

i realized my mistake about 2 miles in. the wind was fierce. fussy had a blanket wrapped around him, and a blanket over the jogger. he was fine, the wind was just a minor thing for him. he was snuggled down watching a movie on my ipod. me, on the other hand, was pushing the jogger, decked out in blankets, into the wind. i had the dog leashed up to the jogger, but she was struggling like i was. it was just like an intense uphill run. my lungs and legs were burning, and i'm sure i was doing close to a 12 minute mile.

i couldn't wait to turn around and point the jogger the direction the wind was blowing, so that i could have a break, so i could breath. so i could feel my legs, and finish the run going a 6 minute mile.

as i was struggling with the jogger, pushing with all my might, trying not to trip, i thought that this is how life is exactly. we know we should be pointed the right way. we know we should be doing the things we are supposed to. we know what God wants from us, to be good people. it's when we think we know better, and we go against Him, that we understand how hard it really is. we get too tired, we don't understand that turning around, and doing what He wants us to, makes it so much easier.

it's like looking out the window and not recognizing the wind. you can see the effects of it, with the tree's moving and the birds being thrown off course, but until you get out into, you don't realize how really strong it is. such is life. the world can blow us way off course.

i finished my run about 10 minutes longer than the same distance usually takes. if only i had turned around earlier, i could have achieved my goal so much quicker. and i was exhausted when i got home. i felt as if i had run 10 miles, instead of the 7 i actually ran.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

where did it go?

the time that is.

i pulled out the 3T clothes for fussy last night. i rummaged and found so many favorites from harry and chilli. i started picturing pictures of harry wearing the same clothes. clothes that he wore when his baby brother was born. i realized fussy is the same age harry was when chilli was born. and close to the age chilli was when he was born.

fussy still seems so much like a baby to me. maybe that is why he is so spoiled. i mean, he is my baby, and he always will be. it just feels like the time is going way to fast. like someone left my life on fast forward and i can't get it to pause.

sometimes i do have a hard time with the certain stages of childhood. i rather someone else potty train my kid for me, or wean him, or get through the terrible two's. but still, i know i need to hold still and appreciate this time more than i do. when you are in the throws of it, it is hard to appreciate the kid screaming about the dog eating his food when he fed it to the dog. or the endless nights of waking up. cleaning up the bathroom after an accident. holding a fevered child, figuring out why the vacuum doesn't work anymore, or cleaning up the endless piles of sand on the carpet. i guess i should look at it this way, no other time in my life will i have so much to complain about. i should enjoy it while i can.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

crazy hair day

i really like chili. he loves to do crazy stuff, which sometimes, can be bad. most times, it's just fun. where harry is against coloring or doing anything fun to his hair, chili wanted something fun for crazy hair day. so we did this:

Monday, October 05, 2009


our chickens have decided to slow down on the laying right now(kinda like my blogging). i get maybe one or two a day, which is pretty bad production. i actually had to buy eggs at the grocery store the other day.

when i cracked them open to make puffy pancakes on sunday, this is what i saw:

that is a store egg, and a fresh from our chicken egg. the biggest difference is the color. the store egg is so pale yellow, it looks kinda sickly. our fresh egg is nice and orange, like it's supposed to be. there are other differences, the store eggs shell is really easy to pop open, i always break them by accidentally sticking my thumb through them. our chicken egg shells are tough. they need more force to break them, and to pry them open. the yolks are different. the store bought eggs yolks break open easily, while it takes a bit to break the fresh egg yolks.

i thought it was interesting to see them side by side. i really like getting fresh eggs. we've been so spoiled by having them since spring. if our chickens follow what they've done in years past, they will pick up production for a few weeks, and then they will take the winter off. it's always so much fun to find that first egg of the season, and it's always sad to check the coop and find nothing there.