Thursday, November 18, 2010

this still makes me giggle.

my awesome popcorn niece came over one day with this little beauty. you might remember this one . i put the new on here in my bedroom, as a sort of joke on big d. he thought it was funny. not as much as i did though.

my mom just thought it was a continuation on this:

we really love movies at our house

you can't really top paul mccartney, but...

you can't really top going to paul mccartney. but you can come really close. this is mr. brandon flowers from the killers. it. was. awesome. not just because i love me some good killers music, but it was really fun to see a lot of different types of people. and by different i mean really tall people.

lets just say i learned a lot at this concert.

1- heels are totally the way to go if it's general admission. again, there were a lot of tall people.

2- never wear heels when you anticipate standing for 4 hours. between waiting and standing and waiting again, i have some numb toes and "killer" (ha!) foot pain.

3- the depot was seriously cool.

4- i think mr. flowers was singing to me. he looked at me, like, twice.

5- 5 rows of people in front of me. that was cool. that was a completely different experience than paul. because i could really see mr. flowers. especially when the people in front of me put down their cameras.

6- mr. ronnie vannucci is awesome for a surprise guest. and i yell super loud.

7. my mom, aka babysitter, is super cool for staying late and watching the kiddies. she deserves 5 stars for that.

8. for being at a "club" with a bar, there was only one drunk guy.

9. when said drunk guy grabbed me, i almost punched him

10. i like pushing around wasted drunk guys.

so, i send my thanks to mr. flowers. the concert was awesome. the fact that i went out with big d, was also awesome.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my top 5

when i was 15, my big christmas present was a stereo with a cd player. it was the first cd player of the house. the following week, my parents took me to a media store to buy my first cd's. it's no use having a cd player if you have nothing to play. i got 2 cd's at the store.

this was my first experience with THE BEATLES. i can't remember why i wanted this album in particular, but i do know i listened to it daily for a long time.

when i was 16, the anthologies were released. i remember sitting in the basement watching the long documentary on t.v. with my dad. i thought it was the coolest thing ever. both the learning about the beatles, and connecting with my dad. my dad has an original "meet the beatles" record that he bought in '64. i coveted his record. i thought it was the coolest thing ever. and from that time, i vowed that i would collect beatles.
when i was 17, i realized there was a small group at school who's parents had brought them up loving the beatles. i actually fit into a group that liked something bigger than high school. something different than popular modern stuff. it was then that i started checking out every beatles cd from the library. on sunday, a local oldies radio station had "breakfast with the beatles" and i would record off the radio to get the songs that i didn't have in my collection. it was pretty much the only thing i would listen too. i'm pretty sure my parents were annoyed by my constant beatles music.

when i was 18, my friend deb moved into my neighborhood. she was cool enough, but the moment i found out she liked beatles music, it cemented an instant and total friendship. we soon were having our own experiences, thinking we were grown up, traveling utah to attend beatles tribute bands. maybe even a few out of state. there were a few of us that were crazy enough to drive all night to find our "beatles" and scream like we were in '64. for our talent show in seminary, my friend deb and i played a part of the movie "help" as our talent. every week, we would rent the same vhs to play and watch over and over.

by that time, i had every cd that they had released. we had gone to the local library when they were selling their records, stood in line for hours, to get our hands on a vintage vinyl album. we were serious. it was real to us. we spent our free time finding pictures, thumbing through records at the d.i., and listening to beatles. we talked and dreamed and wished we lived in the 60's.

when we graduated from high school, my friend lacy and i, went out to get our own tattoos, and i was with lacy when she got the most awesome johnny tat on her belly. and i coveted it too. it was like a love letter to mr. john lennon, and it was particularly useful when we would go and see these tribute bands as a way to get to talk to them. they knew we were serious about beatles when they saw the tat.

when i was 19, i got married. and i introduces my husband to all things beatles. from every song, to talking about every song, to every movie and talking endlessly about them. at that time i was a vegetarian, and big d thought it was hilarious when paul and linda were on the simpsons when lisa turns vegetarian. it was like a little bit of awesome for both of us.

when we moved to new york, big d found a record dealer who worked right by his work, and he bought several vintage vinyl. for my birthday or for christmas for the next year, i got a new beatles record.

when i was pregnant with my first baby, for christmas, big d gave me "yellow submarine". my babies all watched it. (at this moment, the vhs is sitting on my desk waiting to be fixed from overuse). my kids all know who john, paul, george, and ringo are. they each have their favorite beatle, their favorite beatle movie, and their favorite beatle song. when they don't know what to buy me for mother's day, or christmas, they buy me a beatles something. they know i'll love it.

this year for jimmy's birthday party, he wanted a "yellow submarine" birthday. he got a new yellow submarine lunch box, and we are making him his own back pack for school with beatles patches.

we are serious about the beatles in this house.

granted, i've always loved john. i've loved him so much, i kissed a few fake johns. i was invited (and declined) an evening with one particularly perverted fake john. but still, i love john lennon. i love what he did, his music.

so when i heard that paul mccartney was coming to salt lake city, i was torn. i mean, it's a beatle. it's the opposite beatle from john lennon. but it's a beatle.

through some crazy good luck, and a very patient big d, we did get tickets. sure they were in the back of a stadium, but we got tickets to see sir paul.

yesterday was the big day. it was surreal.

i'd like to say that getting married or having my children were the most important day in my life. but if i had to rank major life events in order of most fulfilling, i have to say, yesterday is in my top 5.

i saw beatles music being performed by a beatle. by the beatle that wrote it. by one of the most influential musicians in the last 100 years. it was amazing. it was so much more than amazing. at moments during the performance, it would hit me. "this is paul" and my eyes would tear up, and i would want to cry. it was like seeing something you were sure you never would. it was like living in 1964 for just a moment. i could close my eyes and pretend like i used to, or i could keep them open and live in the moment. mostly we would just rock out, because if paul mccartney is anything, he's full of life. for being 67 years old, he rocks. for being my age, he rocks. i don't know how many people can put on a concert for 3 hours with as much energy as he had, but he totally did.

it's hard to explain how much it meant to me to see him. paul played with his original 1960's guitars. amazing. i was in a crowd of 25,000 people, who were on their feet, singing and dancing. we were all connected. it was cool. i've never seen so many beatles fans, so many beatles t-shirts, so many hippies. it was awesome to see people my parents age, who had waited their whole lives to see paul, and see how much it meant to them. and we were a part of it. that was cool.
thanks to big d for making a dream come true.

because seeing something performed by paul, with a ukulele given to him by george has got to be the coolest thing in the world. to me it was. it really was.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

our crazy idaho adventure

catching up

my "healthy living" screen time hiatus has come to a close. do i feel better about myself? not really. the internet is such a big part of my life. i shop there, i talk to friends, i learn, i check out library books...etc and on.

however, i did learn that i can go without internet. i can use my phone and check my email, i can text a lot, and i can read more. what i can't do is make more time in the day to do everything. so while i didn't get everything done like always, i couldn't blame my internet addiction. i blame life. busy busy life. which is totally okay.

i thought i would catch you up on what has been going on. these pictures are completely out of order. and most of them were not taken by me. in fact, the wasatch back ones were taken by the awesome and amazing lindsey who was runner #7, and a pretty cool person to run with. not only is she really fun, but also pretty talented. too bad all my photographer friends live so dang far away. some of the camping pictures were taken by my kids. they are not professional. and i might have taken a few. the blurry ones mostly.

in our two month hiatus, we had lots of stuff happen, friends moved away, kids had birthdays, and life really went by fast. our family is involved in a show, and that seems to eat up most of our time. and on top of that, we run. we run as a family, and we run to get away from each other.

but this will catch you up. or mostly catch you up. remember, it's just a glimpse into my world, not a whole view.

that is probably it. i hope i find more fun picture treasures, and if i do, i hope you don't mind if i share them. the kids seem to be growing and changing and maturing more each day. and i am afraid that if i close my eyes, i am going to miss something great that they are always doing.

wasatch back

after my last run. here i am exhausted. that is what that face is.
i don't know who did this sign for me. but it was awesome. i cried.
i love this girl. she made me laugh!
da girls
waiting with lyn for her 2nd run. it was cold. and by cold, i mean freezing.

sleeping after 1st leg. not really sleeping, more like resting

chowing on cookies, cuz we were hungry

lines of honey buckets

our finish line. since we missed it due to traffic
hanging out with the girls