Thursday, April 26, 2007

time to expand the family....again

i know what you are thinking...i mean fussy is only almost 3 months old. but we were so lopsided with three boys, we decided to try again. only this time, it was easy to pick out girls.
cute huh? and the boys are so excited because they each picked one out. and all three are different breeds, so it should make for some interesting eggs.

Monday, April 23, 2007


I have nothing to post about. It seems the blogger block has taken a few of our numbers recently. It is not because I don't want to blog, because I do, I just don't think anyone wants to hear me complain about mysterious fevers, family members, my dirty house, and life with a newborn.

Although the spring weather has buoyed us up a bit and I can already see my peas poking through the dirt. My treadmill hasn't seen this much action since probably October. My sister in law that shares my back yard fence, birthed forth her twin baby boys. I've seen them once and they were pretty cute. Tiny and cute. Oh and Harry goes off track for 3 weeks on Thursday.

So that is it for me. Life in a nutshell right now. We will just keep on truckin. Eventually something blog worthy is going to happen, and hopefully it will be something interesting and funny, instead of something interesting and sad.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

on second thought

I'm pretty granola. I like natural birth and breastfeeding. I try to give my kids natural foods, good for you kind of things. So it was only natural that I would want to try, not only to save the environment, but to be that extra bit of hippy, by using cloth diapers.

I mean, it is inevitable. I was curious from my la leche league days. I saw all these cute baby bums covered in the most adorable diapers. Mom's who seemed to have the whole thing together, and had a natural solution to overcrowding at the local landfills.

When I was pregnant with Chilly, I almost considered it. Cloth diapering that is. I watched other moms do it, and I was almost sold. Until I figured out how much they cost, and even though I knew it would be cheaper than doing disposables, I couldn't justify the large cost to start.

So with Fussy, I decided I was going to do it. I bought several different kinds of diapers. I was excited. I knew exactly how I was going to do it. I bought my first sets from ebay! when I was done, and he had outgrown them, I would just sell them! so I stocked up. Cute little prints, adorable covers. Cloth wipes. I did my research on what all I needed.

And then fussy was born. We were told the meconium days were best done with 'posies, so we got a package. And we didn't want to waste, so we used them all. And then people brought by more packages of diapers for gifts. I didn't want them to feel bad, so we used them. By the time I had run out, the small cloth diapers didn't fit him anymore. And the mediums didn't fit him yet.

But I wasn't going to be undone! Even though his chubby legs didn't fit in them, I still put the different diapers on fussy. He would pee once and I had to change him. Clothes too. Then he'd poop, every time he ate, so I'd have to change him. 10-15 diapers a day. And wipes. That was a lot of laundry. Not from all the diapers, but from all the clothes.

So I would go and buy more disposables. I'd tell myself "when he quits pooping so much, then I'll do cloth" . Ashamed of my non-granolaness, I hung my head every time I opened a package of diapers. All the people I had excitedly told about cloth diapers..well, I avoided the conversation when it turned to how i was doing with diapers. How could it be so hard?

So here I am to say, to all my friends and family who told me not to cloth diaper my baby. "you were right" "who on earth would want to do it" "does anybody want to buy some barely used small diapers?"

Someday I will do it, just to prove you all wrong, but for right now, I've got enough on my plate, or in my laundry.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

oh dear!

This morning, while planning my busy day, I figured I needed to find a time to take Fussy to the doctor. Not that I didn't have enough to do today, but that, it seemed, Fussy was having a hard time breathing.

Since it is April, and I am thinking the rsv season is considered november-march, I figured I was off the hook. And maybe I am. I didn't stick around for the rsv test the doctor wanted to do. Instead, we filled up on a breathing treatment and headed out of the office to meet the home care people who were delivering our very own, brand new nebulizer.

So it is breathing treatments ever 4-6 hours for my smalled kid. I'm glad that is it. I'm glad the doctor didn't freak out and send us to the hospital. Of course, he would have, if Fussy hadn't had such a good o2 score.

I am really glad that I have a healthy baby, one that didn't come early and have compromised lungs. Of course he probably inherited this lung problem from me, and only time will tell if he will have asthma for life. I hope not. It is no fun.

This is on top of the news that Chilly gets to have his tonsills and adenoids taken out in May, and Harry needs to see a councellor for anger management. This is what raising kids is all about right? It's a good thing I've got a good support system, otherwise I'd be going crazy right now.

So there ya go.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Monday, April 02, 2007


" ... you must live as one of them but always hold in your heart the pride of your special heritage. They can be a great people Kal-El, they wish to be, they only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, there capacity for good, I have sent them you, my only son."

My boys love him. For the past couple of weeks, I've been picking up clothes like crazy. Clothes that go over the costume. Thrown aside when the superhero makes his entrance and saves the day. Harry even has an old dress suit of big d's (when he was a kid) that he puts over his superman outfit.
The other day I was watching harry play outside. He was unbuttoning his blue dress shirt to reveal his superman s underneath. It was like I was watching a very young Christopher reeve running around in my back yard. Harry even had his harry potter glasses and was using them in his Clark Kent ensemble.
I've watched, or listened to, superman 2, everyday since it was found. Chilly gets a little board, so we fast forward over the lovie scenes. And when Chilly isn't watching the movie, he is humming the theme song.
It is getting a little annoying to be honest with you, especially the laundry problem created by discarded cothing strewn around the house, but I also love the fact that my boys are so creative and have such an imagination. What a good superhero to be though. Well, except for the whole fornicating thing with Lois Lane. But it was the 70's right?

Superman is the guy when it comes to saving people and doing lots of good in the world. He cares about the people of earth, and uses his powers for good. Who would have thought boys get just as much out of playing dress up his the girly cousins they have? spiderman, batman, superman, harry potter, all occasionally live at my house.