Thursday, February 28, 2008

the torture of big d

someone is torturing big d. there must be some secret plan, somewhere, with the intent on bringing him down. the previous owner of our house was a firefighter. and we all know how crazy fire fighters are about smoke detectors. we have one everywhere. every room, every hall....

a couple of weeks ago we woke up, in the middle of the night, to that annoying chirping sound from the smoke detector. it was the one in the hall, right outside our bedrooms. chilly had woke up and shut his door. big d, being nice, got up and tried to fix it. instead, he ripped the thing off the ceiling and shoved it in a towel and kept it in the bathroom. problem solved. the next day, he stuck a new battery in it, and hung it back up.

the next night, while fussy wasn't sleeping, i hear the same thing. i hit big d and tell him that it is at it again. he gets up and sleepily goes into the hall, listening. nothing. so back to bed he goes.

then again we hear it. it's a different night again, and he's replacing batteries to another smoke detector. he tells me the dog woke him up and then he heard the chirping.

then last night. blissfully asleep, i wake to the same chirping noise. big d grumbles and gets out of bed. i start dozing a bit, fussy is on my arm. the next thing i know i am shocked into reality by this big bang. it sounds like big d is really upset and has taken a hammer to the smoke detector. (my first conclusion always seems to be what i probably would have done in his place) i keep listening and realize it is really just the ladder being put up in the kitchen. we have vaulted ceilings. the smoke detector is completely out of reach unless you have a huge ladder to climb. i am wide awake wondering what is going on, but pretty sure he is replacing the battery. i hear the ladder again, i hear the garage door. finally a few minutes later he comes back to bed and tells me that "he is so mad because the dog woke him up". apparently the dog woke up big d to get him to turn off that horrible chirping noise.

the crazy thing is, all the smoke detectors now have new batteries. if we had been smart, and changed them all at once, there would have not been the nightly wakings. but for some reason, you sort of forget the fact that they need replacing during the middle of the day. which brings me to my question. why do they only chirp at night?

i guess they only chirp at night because they are, in fact, evil little things, bent on torturing poor big d.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

running interference

so i'm not really into football, but i do understand this concept. even more now that i have small kids. small moving kids. kids that are underfoot at all times. just today while i was cleaning my floors (for the second, and not last time today) my sweet baby kept moving to the place that i was trying to sweep. then he'd take the dust pan and swing it, spreading the cereal, crumbs and general debris all over. so i'd sweep again, grab the pan out of his hands, quickly scoop up the mess and throw the dust pan back at him before the tears started to fall.

it was the same with mopping, only he'd come over and sit on the mop. then chilly would complain that he wanted to help. so i gave him a mop. and then he would try to get to the mess before me and slam my mop away. don't you wish you had helpers like me?

it would take me much less time if my kids would leave me alone while i clean the house.

Monday, February 25, 2008

i'm a great

aunt that is
here's my lil' grand niece!

cute huh?
thanks to the great grandparents for the photos. and yes i had just got done with a five miler and THAT is why i looked and smelled soooo good.

the weekend edition

harry took a test on saturday. it's for the gifted blah blah blah program at our school district. i'm curious as to what his results will be. is it bad that i was surprised that he even was chosen to be tested? not that i doubt his smartyness, it's just i always see gifted kids acting gifted. i guess i might just be too close to the situation to see it.

if his results come back that he is "gifted" i doubt we will put him in the different school. at least not right now. he is doing well at his school. especially with chilly starting in the fall, a move would just make things really complicated. and we like a bit of complication, just not that much.

my niece gave birth to a lil' girl. "lil" is subjective really. she was a whopping 9"2'. crazy? well since harry (my first) was 9'1", yes, it is crazy! i can't wait to see her. i'm hoping to give the new mom a bit of un-destracted mommy time before i get there. heaven knows she doesn't need me and all my "valuable" information butting in.

fussy hasn't slept well for several days now. it's making my running routine hard and disjointed. i finally decided to get some acidophilous and gripe water, mylicon, and teething tablets, ibuprofen and tylenol. i'm stocked up, i'm ready for tonight. if he doesn't sleep, we are all in deep trouble.

chilly did get over his pukies. he had a mild case on friday. which meant he slept through preschool. did you know how much i love preschool. well, i do. i think i love the 2 hours more than sleeping. almost. just because i can guarantee 2 hours of quiet at home, even if i am not able to sleep. i really love HIS preschool. he loves it too. he has sharing time on mondays. wanna know what he took. his skeleton costume. what did i see coming out of preschool? a skeleton running to the van. fun stuff. i was a bit embarrassed, then i realized he's just plain happy dressing up. don't' mess with a good thing you know. if he was dressing up as a princess, or a nudist, then i might have to stop him. but for now...

and i think we have about 10 dollars in overdue fines at the library. who'd of thought the "i love lucy" dvd's would be so dang hard to return. they aren't, unless i keep forgetting.

okay, so that's it. i've updated my bloggie. i'm waiting for pics of my great niece, but those will have to come later.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

just a bit of advice

i know, i know. unsolicited advice. but i can't help it. i'm sure smarter and better people already know this, but sometimes, i gotta just pass on a bit of my houswife and mothering education. so here goes:

never, ever, ever, ever, ever, buy brown bathroom rugs. they show everything. well, they show everthing except the things that really need to be washed out.

just a thought

every story has a begining. just like that first page in every book. the problem is, we never are sure where the beginings are. sometimes you see something and think, "when did this happen?" or "when did my kids start doing that?" i guess i wasn't around for the actual begining of it. funny how it seems that all the interesting stories have muddy beginings. i mean, would you call the first time i saw big d the begining of our story, or the middle. do you take it from when each of us were born, or what? logically it would be the first date, but it might be more interesting to add the first time i saw him, or the first rehearsal.

i am trying to understand how you could be in the middle of a great story, only to not know it. by the time you might realize it, you've long past the begining and are halfway to the end. just as we have lots of stories unfolding arouund us, are we equally surrounded by small beginings. first pages in volumes of books.

even after the books are written, or the movies set on the shelf, sometimes another book is added to explain more of the begining. a prequell perhaps. we've seen it dozens of times. i guess we have a fascination with how things start. does the beginig have any importance? it may be the most boring part of the story, but it usually is the most human. most true beginings were made by someone making a decision. a person doing something almost completely unremarkable. hence the situation of trying to figure out the true commencement.

we could get really philosiphicall and start reasoning that everything goes back, wether you believe that God created all, or that we came from a small explosion of matter. we could also go the whole "chicken or the egg" thing, which, you got to admit, is pretty interesting. take it back to the very start. we read in the bible "in the begining there was darkness..." but even then, at the first of the first, we know there must have been more, there must have been something else. some other start of that start. everything is just tied together, like some huge domino design, falling very quickly around us, and pushing off other starts in different directions.

that was my thought anyway.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

more of the story

happy valentines day!

grandma's are wonderful. they bring by treats that make a baby, who hasn't felt good, feel much better!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

poor baby, poor mommy and daddy....

poor fussy is sick. has been. that is why i haven't blogged lately. i probably wouldn't have made any coherent sentances if i had tried. we've been a bit sleep deprived.

i think he is getting better though.

it doesn't get any easier the more kids you have. in fact, i think it gets harder. not only because you are in charge of more kids anyway, but that you really don't know what to do when they are sick, and you think you probably should have it down by now. and each kid is different. where one will be fussy and not eat with strep, the other one will get the pukeys. weird. kids are so weird. little bodies and no words to describe exactly what is wrong.

bless big d for staying home from work to take a bit of burden off me. i know he stayed home yesterday because he couldn't keep his own eyes open, but he helped out more than he knows.

so there we are. official diagnosis of fussy...some kind of virus. i am thinking he is on the mend. he actually has been eating and nursing for the first time in days.

Monday, February 04, 2008


it's that time of day. the time between homework, and daddy getting home. that wonderful time of day when kids are grumpy and mom is too. when diet coke doesn't even touch the headache that has been threatening all day, but which the 2nd grade math homework instantly freed.

big d has a new work schedule. and it's lame. he gets home almost an hour later than he used too. he leaves from work hopefully by 4:30, but he doesn't walk in through the door until 5:45 at least. later if it snows, if there is traffic, or if the sun is shining. i'm sure if he would drive to and from work, he could make it quicker, but he loves the bus.

i know most stay at home mom's do the same thing as me. "go see if daddy is home yet" just for a distraction. that has yet to work on the baby who seems extra fussy lately and wants mom to hold him all the time.

the wonderful hour of my life when i wish i could run away, or take a bubble bath and all my troubles would disappear like the diet coke.

Friday, February 01, 2008

enough already

snow, that is. move along. stop snowing please. i'm done with white, powdery, snowy stuff. done with slippery roads and snow plows. i'm done with the snowblower, the shovel. snowboots. done. with. winter.

we have had snow since december. it has snowed every other day for the past week, and it will continue next week. my parents have 4 feet of snow in thier yard, we only have 2 feet in ours. it is miserable, cold, wet. cloudy snowy crappy winter. but at least it's february!

which reminds me, i've been blogging for 2 years.

back to winter. what do you think, 6 more weeks of this crap? or is spring on its way? i'm hoping for an early spring. i am probably going to need a canoe to go along with my minivan though.