Sunday, January 31, 2010


january is over
onto february,
which leads to march,
that ends in april,
which starts may,
and that means summer is just around the corner...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

3 years ago

some little known facts about fussy...

came on his due date. even though i was walking around the walmart at 10 am that day, cursing under my breath, and happily telling everyone that it was my due date. he still decided to show up

was born on my mom's birthday

loves pickles

has a fear of spiders. or bugs. he screams like a girl when he sees one.

has an opinion on everything, from what pajamas he wants to wear, down to what juice is the best.

hates the bathtub with a passion

can sing the tune to "indiana jones"

really into airplanes

loves dollars
enjoys getting out of the house and going to stores, until we get there and then begs to go home

rode over 300 miles in the jogger last year

favorite thing to say "i'm sick, i need a vitamin..."

favorite meal is buh-buh-bar (aka granola bar)

acts shy around everyone, until he warms up. he can talk your ear off

loves staying up late

loves sleeping in late

doesn't love his own bed

hates the dog

happy birthday my big 3 year old

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

health care

i've been thinking about health care. big d and i are again doing some healthy challenges this year. and again, we are trying to eat much healthier, no sugar etc. fussy went to the dr. 2 days last month for fear of a broken arm. the boys seem to be doing better and not getting as sick...yet. so heath and health care is on my mind.

since i don't know anything, i really don't think i'm qualified to stick up my own option. i mean, i know everyone has their opinion about what they think will work. and a lot of those opinions don't include a government run program. or at least, the opinion that i hear most is very upset at the idea of "socialized" medicine.

i'm not a socialist. i'm not a republican. i don't know what i am. i do know that i get upset when people start complaining that they are going to do anything for anyone else. i find myself wondering where our responsibility lies when we complain about anything that helps out other people.

anyway, i found this chart, and i thought it was very enlightening.

the problem as i see it, too many people don't want to change. they see the way we've done it for years, and don't want to worry about how to make it different. we are comfortable with the way it works, even if that means our neighbors can't pay out of pocket for insurance, and thus suffer/die/go bankrupt.

we need to step out of our comfort zone, and look at the big problem. no, maybe what is being proposed isn't the best answer, but it sure beats what we have now. we need to stop listening to political rhetoric and propaganda, and start learning the facts. what needs to change, and what will change, and what we want to change don't always line up. wouldn't it be awesome if it did?

and that is all i'm going to say about that.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

my thoughts on friends

i've been praying for a really long time for friends. good friends. like the kind of friends you have in high school. or the kind of friends i had in high school. the kind that call you up and you can talk to for hours. you can get together whenever, and still act silly. i miss having those friends. i have missed it for a long time.

then, one day, i stopped myself and looked around me. i do have those friends. i've just been so involved with my own life for so long. i've spent 11 years trying to get pregnant, having a new baby, or involved in sleep deprivation, that i haven't been able to see my hand in front of my face. sometimes, all you need is a wake up call.

i recently reconnected with one of my best friends from high school. i had lost her for 12 years, she was one of those people that really had an impact on me. she changed my life for the better, because of her example. she was real and wonderful. and i really missed her. thanks to facebook, she is back in my life. it feels good.

another best friend called me up, out of the blue. it was refreshing to remember growing up, having fun, being silly, and all that came with that. it was nice to know that she understands now what i've been going through. it was even more nice to hear her laugh and feel that kind of warmth.

i also have my sister. even though we don't always get along the best, i love hanging out with her. she is fun and she supports me in everything. she loves my kids. she understands a lot.

i can't forget my mom. she always knows when i need a phone call, or a hug. she can be at my house at the drop of a hat when i have an emergency, and she talks me down when i get upset. she offers advice based on love. sometimes i don't want to hear it, but it's always there for me

my sister in law is there for me in a different way. when i don't understand family things, she is right there with me. i don't know if she knows what it has meant to me to have someone that is understanding as she is. someone who is as forgiving as she is. she also reminds me of how i want to be, and how i want my future to be.

besides me family and "irl" friends, i have a multitude of angels who listen, offer advice, make me laugh, and keep me going throughout the day. i would be lost with them, and what they add to my life. our combined life experiences are invaluable.

for years, i've been looking for my friends, when really, they've always been there. i am so blessed to be able to have so many women who care about me. i am so thankful. i'm literally surrounded by friends, and it makes me happy.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

thank you

christmas isn't fun without awesome food, lots of games and hanging out with family. it's not good without treats, lots of soda, ham, turkey, and chocolate, and mountains of home made goodies. with a special helping of playing with cousins and making fun of each other, all in good spirits. we had a good one this year.

my favorite aunty, my parents, my guys are the best. thank you for taking care of us and our kids, and making us all smile. thanks for the laughs, the hugs, the gifts, and the loads of love. we really are blessed to have you! you spoil us in every way possible.

Monday, January 04, 2010

there are days

yesterday was one of those days. i tweaked my back at church, overheard a new rumor about me, sat by myself, dealt with grumpy kids. i burned my favorite treat. i felt invisible, envious, childish, and sad.

days like that are the ones that make you want crawl into a hole, or start drinking.

today is a different day. even though my back is still bugging me, and my eyelids are droopy, and the sun is still not out, at least it's january. and the longest month of the year. we only have something like 12 more weeks of gross winter left. only 12. it could be worse, it could still be december.

i need some sunshine.

Friday, January 01, 2010

103 blog posts for 2009
1915 miles logged for 2009
3 children still living
10 dead fish
1 trip out of state
4th grade
1st grade
2 lost teeth
12 years married

goals for this year:
run more, run better, run faster
never ever ever get sick
eat healthy food always, cut out all refined sugars, dairy, and processed foods
be kind to everyone
do not covet
never yell at the kids
stop swearing
lose 50 pounds

there's always next year! because honestly, right now, i'm sicker than i've been in a while. big d is out right now running with my new garmin that i haven't even used yet. so i'm jealous. so i am swearing. and yelling at the kids. and eating junk food. happy 2010.