Tuesday, November 27, 2007

check this out!

time to solve the debates! i know these are not the best pics, but they work in a pinch ya know? i'm sure big d can get all technical and figure out better ones. maybe i'm just lazy.....anyway for the enjoyment of family and friends....

Saturday, November 24, 2007

i had totally meant to do a thanksgiving post. on my early run on thanksgiving, i went sans ipod and thought of all the things i'm thankful for. my family was pretty much top on the list. big d, my kids, my parents, running shoes, you know, yada yada yada...

not to pass over my favorite holiday without much fuss, but you know, been there done that. thanksgiving dinner at my parents was the same...delicious. more food than you could ever eat. we tried, we darn near busted our guts, but we failed. meemer mom is an excellent cook. family was together and gracious. pleasant afternoon in all. i am very thankful for that.

and now it's over.


the christmas season has begun.


the time of year that involves stressing over what to buy everyone, stressing over what's left in the checking account, and stressing over making sure we "do" all the fun things. stressing over sharing times with each family. stressing over lighting the house with a billion fancy twinkle lights. stressing over finding that freaking bumblebee transformer that is on both of my older boys christmas list. stressing what to bake. stressing over where to put the tree. stressing over what to do for neighbors, teachers, the milkman.

i've a headache that started thursday night, and i assume it will be with me until january 2nd.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

fussy and the power of no

this video has no sound, but i hope you can figure out what is going on. fussy is sitting by the doggy water and i keep telling him no.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

didja know big d has a bloggie? he does, and although it is boring and silly, like my blog, it also has information that mine doesn't. if you want to, go ahead and stalk him for a while...
visit big d's blog here

Saturday, November 17, 2007

running my own race 5k

before the race:

big d left me in the dust! way to go mr 22:09. i came in at 24:14. just enough after for him not to get my picture.
and after:

here's big d's little sister who ran the race as well. she came in at 27!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

video of fussy

here is what i am talking about. nevermind the fact that he started fussing, and it's a bit wiggly. it's my first video off my lame-o camera.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

just a couple of things...

First:chilli has been anxious to play with friends all week. i think the fact that brother went back on track at school has something to do with it. however excited he is though, he probably will not be going back to the next door neighbors house. his little friend there decided to beat him with a stick. apparently. he is bruised and bloody and i think a chat with neighbor child (aka spawn of satan) is probably in order. poor kid.

B. fussy is mobil. much more than he has been. he doesn't crawl, but more scoots. on his bum. i've been waiting for him to crawl for a while. not really in a good way, but in a "boy we are in trouble when he crawls" kind of way. we have 3 sets of stairs in our house. three. and dog food.

he loves the dog food dish and insists on drinking the water from it. flat faced. he does this in the tub too. it is pretty freaky to see my baby face down in the water. he loves to be with his brothers too. although i think they get a little tired of him.

and three ( i know i said couple, but it's my blog) , the show opens on FRIDAY. thank goodness. i've never been a good single parent. and even though big d will still be working crazy hours, we might actually see him before the door hits him on the way out. the kids might remember who he is! and if we get surprise visitors, we might actually be able to hang out with them.

and what's a blog post without a couple of random pictures??

Thursday, November 08, 2007

happy birthday!

to my niece. i hope you don't mind if i post a few pictures of the girl. it is kind of weirding me out that she is 14 years old. i remember seeing her on the ultrasound! she is such a great kid too. she tells me that she doesn't think i'm old. maybe she is just being nice, but it doesn't matter. i'm pretty sure she thinks i'm nuts, but she will still im with me. she shares campy vampire literature with me too! i'm a lucky auntie.

so happy birthday girl. sorry i couldn't go out with you tonight. believe me, it sounded wonderful. bring me back some salsa please! i love you and hope your birthday is great.

so it begins

when harry was a baby, he got sick about january. from february to june he had one ear infection after another. we think it was just one infection that never drained, or the antibiotics never worked. eventually he turned a year, summer came, and it all evened out. i learned to use decongestants and keep him happy if he even started with a runny nose. i also gave him echinacia and alstralgus.

Chilli was a different story. his first ear infection came as a complete surprise when one afternoon, i noticed "goo" coming from out of his ear. after taking him in, we found out that his eardrum had ruptured, and the the junk came out. he was fine after, just fluid was in his ears, for like, ever. we just got his tonsils out in may, along with a marion g romney (myrongotomy) to slice open his ear drums. we were about an inch away from doing the whole tube things. he seems fine now.

poor fussy. sometime during the car ride this afternoon, his eardrum exploded. blood everywhere. i'm not really making this up. at least there was a fair amount of blood where there usually isn't, coming out of his ear. the first thing i thought was "CRAP, he conked his head really hard this morning" then it hit me..."runny nose, fussier than normal. i bet he has an ear infection". so after making it home, finding the dr. finding someone to watch the other yahoo kiddos, waiting in the crowded office for an hour, the dr. told me what i knew already..."he has an ear infection"


at least i kind of know what to expect, right? i hate hate hate ear infections. they scare me. i can't imagine how they feel for the poor babies, much less how to help them. so i did the popular thing to do, i got the drugs. i hope that he tolerates them well. i hope they make the bad bugs go away. i hope the fluid drains out so that the infections can stop. i hope for a lot.

i attribute all ear/tonsil problems to my husbands family. MY side never EVER had any of these kinds of problems. and of course none of these problems would exist right now if big d weren't crazy busy at work, right? so not only am i stressed, worried, worn out, i'm doing it solo! don't worry. i'll get my baby nice and healthy for big d to be home.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

a photo essay

this is fussy on sunday. i wanted to take his picture. he was being so cute with the panda bear.

so i set him down...

then he fell over and got really mad...

so i picked him up....look at those eyes! he was crying for maybe a minute!

then i tried to take some self portraits.....

he still wasn't interested in being happy....

daddy finally took the camera.....

almost there.....
finally a smile!