Monday, March 31, 2008

just some weird things

1. we have babies. more than one, apparently. one of our vents that leads outside, well the outside cover is broken. some birds moved in. we've been meaning to get them out. it's way too late now. i can hear baby birds chirping and crying. yesterday, we didn't hear them. in fact earlier this morning i didn't hear them. i can hear them right now. they are loud. this is going to be interesting. kinda cool to have birds living in my house. the dog is going nuts.

2. fussy never says "momma" nor does he say "mommy" or "mom". he says "dad" just fine. and "candy", "baby" "buh" (for brother) "ball". but no mommy. so i was coaxing him this morning. everytime i said to say momma, he leaned over and kissed me. what does that say? i'm not sure. maybe he is refusing to say mom but doesn't want to hurt my feelings. maybe he just wants me to shut up. maybe kissing me is his sign for mom. i dunno. it's pretty cute.

3. harry is off track for a MONTH. seriously most of April. he is already bored. he put groceries away, and is working on the dishwasher. i hope he keeps this up!

4. we have soccer every night except for monday, sunday and saturday. okay, so we have a soccer game 4 nights out of the week. it has been loverly weather this spring. the temperature even went pretty warm...until soccer started. we've had a week and it's already snowed twice! poor kids in spring soccer. i can tell you we won't be doing this next year. but that is just weird!

okay, i guess that is it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

remember the other day, when i got those pictures of harry. the ones that i didn't order. the ones that he wasn't happy about. i kept wondering WHY a company would send them home, hoping i'd order more...

i was supposed to send them back, or send in a check to cover the cost. good thing the teacher included a note in harry's back pack. good thing the pictures made it home unscathed. good thing i scanned my own copy.

i just want to complain about this though. i mean, really. who trusts anything in a second graders backpack? do they not realize that it is a miracle that things make it home anyway. most papers are mutilated and destroyed just by being in the backpack. then the journey home. i hate that our elementary school does this. i hate it very much. if i didn't have the pictures to send back, i would have got a bill. and outrageous sum of money for pictures i didn't want in the first place. i think it is shady business. i'm not even a big fan of school pictures in the first place! add to that this second picture day, and i'm a pretty unhappy mom. even though i sent them back, i still would have rather the whole thing never happened.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


we had a fun idea today. instead of dying easter eggs, let's dye our dog instead.

why? i don't know. because we saw a news story that dyed dogs green for st. patty's. and since we've all been sick. we needed something fun.

it takes a lot of food coloring to dye a dog. a lot. and fussy looks like he's come down with some sort of rash because he was in the line of fire when lexi (the dog) shook out the water and dye. little pink dots all over my baby. i've got one good noodle on my head. we'll probably still look all pink when i go to church on sunday. sigh


in harry's backpack yesterday was some pictures. the school has pictures taken twice a year...i guess. and although i didn't purchase any, they sent home a package. harry apparently wasn't too keen on getting his picture taken. i'm sure he fought tooth and nail because i didn't dress him up, or pay for a package. he is like that. i'm sure he was upset. look at his face....

poor kid. i think i see tears in his eyes. i can now see that his hand is probably covering a whole in his jeans. and he just looks orphanish to me. it's not my fault that my kid WON'T dress better for school...right?

i know that they want me to buy more prints of this picture. i don't think i will. i mean, c'mon! what is this little 07-08 in the corner. it took me a minute to even figure out what that meant. i know, i am sleep deprived. but can this look any worse? i'm sure it could. he could have actually been crying. or red faced from crying.

picture day at school when i was a kid, was one shot. and you were lucky if your eyes were open. usually our bangs were as crooked as the picture. when they did a class picture, it was a picture where you lined up, shortest to tallest and stood on the bleachers in the gym. not anymore. now days they just take your picture and line it up with your classmates. i guess that cuts out the risk of some kid grabbing his crotch, or someone looking doofy, or seeing the exasperated look of the teacher. i miss that. somehow it was more real.

Monday, March 17, 2008

i know this is so wrong, but it's funny too...


Thursday, March 13, 2008

memo: to my boss

i've been meaning to talk about accruing more sick leave. it seems i don't get any. i'd like to be able to take a nap while i'm sick. maybe not have laundry. and of course, sleep through the night. and while we're at it, i'd like some vacation time. just the standard week out of every year would be great. i'd like to take it all at once though, i'll even take my work with me, just as long as i'm not scrubbing toilets, making meals, or doing second grade homework. i'd like it to be away from stressful family.

i'd also like my work environment to be cleaned. i feel working with so much poo can be hazardous. as well as legos on the floor, capes on the stairs, and hotwheels in the dark. i'd like not to be known as "the tissue" or "the puke bucket" or "the bandaid"

i'd also like a raise. it seems the 7 year old decided to withhold kisses from me. since that is all i work on, i'd like him to resume payment for feeding/nurturing. he's not allowed to grow up and think i'm not cool. i'd like the 4 year old to at least look like he's listening to me. and i'd really love it if my 1 year old would snuggle, preferably during waking hours.

if you don't meet these, i'm sure it will be no big deal. i seem to work for free anyway. i just thought i'd ask.

Monday, March 10, 2008

MLM! a picture and a story

Once upon a time, a long time ago,

Meemer met big d.

They went one day to get pictures taken together.

They were clever

and fun,

so they decided to take their picture at a playground.

Fun people do that sort of thing.

At the playground, there was this wheel

that was like a hamsters exercise wheel

that spun around,

(poor kids).

Meemer and d decided to take a picture there.

They thought it would be fun to have someone upside down

in the wheel.

D used his muscles and spun it around,

And meemer ran to sit down.

Just as the camera clicked,

D fell on top of meemer.

Thus the picture of big d falling on meemer's head.

That isn't the end of the story...

They still got married, had three boys, and lived happily ever after.

Sometimes, when meemer needs a laugh,

She looks at this picture,

And gets a bit of a chuckle

At big d's bum

Sitting on her head.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

laws of nature

there are a few things we humans cannot live without. you know the list, food, water, shelter...yada yada yada.

in our day and country, for most of us, especially if you are reading this bloggy from the coziness of your own home, you have all those things. maybe more than enough. i know i do.

there is one other thing that we need to survive. sleep.

at the present time, i'm running pretty low on this one. and although my baby is over a year old, he still doesn't sleep through the night. i'm cool with that. but he doesn't sleep well. at least last night he didn't sleep well. so i'm a bit cookooo and brain deprived of real sleep. add on top a fussy preschooler who is sicky, and a tired big d, and a super duper grumpy harry pee pants, well, you understand the state of my house.

food, water, shelter, sleep.

Monday, March 03, 2008

weekend update

my mouse on my computer is being wonky. big d and chilly pants gave me a new wireless mouse for christmas. chilly ran the batteries down playing on pbs kids, and since that fate full afternoon, things just haven't worked right. i replaced batteries, but i think the general whacking it took probably did it in. which is sad. i loved it. i still love it although it's wonky.

it snowed. and rained. it was windy, and 60 degrees on saturday. all in one day. wild huh? it was trippy from this end watching the thermometer drop and the wind start. i was bummed i didn't get an outside run in 60 degrees. 60! but i know the warm is coming. eventually right?

happy birthday nephew G. what's up G? yup. 10. crappers, that means that harry turns 8 this year. smokes! this kid thing is really going by fast. we went to his birthday party on sunday. it was filled to the top with all kinds of homemade pizza. and us playing a silly game where you sing into the microphones and act silly. i kicked big d 's butt. seriously, i suck, but he must have sucked worse.

harry ran away from home. he came back. he was very very angry and apparently i am the worlds meanest mom...ever. it's a nice title, don't you think? i need to get shirts made. he might be back to normal now. who knows why the outburst happened. even he is puzzled. i think i might have a teenager who is only 7.

fussy, scooter, or whatever you want to call him, check out bigd's bloggie to see footage of fussy flying. and here's some pictures of him eating his favorite

he's really cute huh? today he is trying to plug my headphones into an electrical outlet. lil' stinker. i think he scared the begeebies out of me. i think i might have done the same to him.

and then, to conclude this update on a really happy note, poor chilly is sick. another missed day of preschool, another day lounging on the couch. he has a fever of 150 and really is quite sleepy. you would be too. i hate having sickies. mostly because i really don't want to get the sickies. nor do i want anyone else to get them. poor poor chilly. i hope he gets feeling better soon.

that's it.