Sunday, December 20, 2009

today, as we sat down to dinner, a knock came at the door. fussy jumped right up and yelled "SANTA CLAUS!!", and ran for the door.

fussy keeps asking me every day what santa is going to bring him. i have to answer with "what did you ask him for?" and he tells me "a little elephant". we have this exchange probably 3-4 times each day. almost as many times as the whole "what's your name momma?...."

every time fussy sees a christmas tree or any kind of christmas decoration, he yells "CHRISTMAS!" and begs me to look and see.

if i weren't such a scrooge myself, i would be having an awesome christmas time. really though, it's gonna be a fun. if we can last the rest of the week.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

for the first time in weeks...

and lots of weeks, like 5 or so. maybe less, maybe more. anyway, for the first time in weeks, i actually feel good. and i had a run outside. yeah yeah, it was cold and cold and really cold and all that, but i was outside! and the sun would have been shining had not there been a layer of gunk in the air. but i was outside.

it was glorious, and wonderful, and i feel so much better than i have in a really long time. in fact, i can type faster, i can read better, i can sit still longer, eat more, drink less, lift small vans, clean the house, punish children, fix the paint, dry the carpets, wash my hair, jump high, fly, catch crooks, turn back time, beam myself from 2 places, do laundry, fix the car, defrost chicken, feed the chickens, make lunch, vacuum the floors. it's nice to feel like myself again....

Friday, December 18, 2009

being responsible sucks

i was talking with a good friend the other night, about how hard it is to be the responsible one.

we were both sharing stories about people in our lives, who made bad decisions. people who knowingly made wrong choices. and the consequences that came from the bad choices. not one consequence ever seemed to fit. in fact, most of the time, they ended up in a better spot. due to the fact that everyone else helped them out.

so what is the difference? how does one become irresponsible? i'd like to learn. i'd like to have people take care of me for once. to watch my kids, or buy them lessons. i'd like to understand how it all works out. maybe even being half-responsible would work?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

random bits of life

i'm cold all the time, so i put flannel sheets on the bed. they have snowflakes and polar bears pictured on them. my question is, if the sheets are supposed to be so warm, why don't they have pictures of cacti and sand dunes and desert landscapes?

the other day, my sister said "hello gorgeous!" to fussy. he turned around and said "i'm not gorgeous, i'm batman"

the boys were talking about digging a deep hole in our backyard. harry mentioned that it would probably flood and be full of water. chilli said that it was okay, the dog could just drink out of it.

the boys have been sledding after school every day. they seem to have a tolerance for cold and snow only when they are speeding down the hill on what big d calls "suicide saucers"

fussy's had 2 favorite movies right now. "edward scissor hands" and "annie". he also loves that commercial for the gap, that features the girls doing a chear like thing about the boots.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


gingerbread houses

the yearly tradition lives on!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

it's been a rough week for harry. he is a genius. well, not really. but he's really really smart. he reads like crazy, writes like an author. the only problem he has is math. and it's not like he's not smart in it, just that it doesn't come easy.

he spent last week being defiant about his homework. he told his teacher he'd turn it in this week. he's spend the week on this weeks' homework, not doing either. he turns it in on friday.

so i sat down with him (he won't let me help unless he asks) and we toughed it out. we worked like crazy on long division. i went to my basketball game, harry came with me. when the other team didn't show up, we sat on the chairs and worked on long division more. page after page we worked. and you know what? it started to click with him.

i think i almost understand why teachers do the job they do. it was an awesome feeling when he looked at me, knowing how to do it. he went from "this is stupid and i hate it" to "hey, this is kinda fun" to "i totally rock at long division". it was a very rewarding experience for me, and i think harry felt a lot better about himself. plus, i think it helps us. you know, the whole, mom and son thing. i don't know how to explain it, just that, even though i was bored, tired, annoyed, by long division, it was totally worth it to see him "get" it. i am really proud of him for working so hard, and i'm a little bit proud of me for figuring it out too.

Friday, December 04, 2009

12 is

the number that was on the thermometer this morning.

the number of boys jeans i picked up this morning...either too small or too big, or have too many holes, or they are just dirty. between 3 boys, that is still a lot

the number of eggs i found in the chicken coop

the number of matchless socks i found lying around

the time of day it is

the number of miles i've run this week(so far, right? i could have a good day today)

the number of points my team made at the basketball game last night

the number of times i've smashed my nose. most recently at the basketball game last night

the number of times i've tried to get a run in on the treadmill today

+ a billion, the number of times we've watched the new star trek movie

the number of times i want to eat the chocolate i brought home from the candy store

the number of bids on ebay for the cool star trek toys, that i was outbid on,that i wanted to get for the boys for christmas

it must be the nexus of the universe. or maybe just the nexus of star trek.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

funny fussy

foot art

my feet

big d's feet

fussy's feet

harry (the one who started it all)'s feet

chilli's feet (doesn't he look like a yellow submarine artist?)

and of course, it quickly progressed to mustaches and body art

yeah, that is chilli's version of body hair, tattoos and glasses
we had a jack sparrow show up

and the boys had fun decorating me. i look awesome.