Friday, February 09, 2007

my family reads my blog!

since last June, when my beautiful neice got married, I've given my blog address out to certain members of my family. It was an easy way to share pictures. But it has come to my attention recently, that some of my family are still reading the pointless drivel that has been spewed forth.

This has taken me by surprise. I mean, I'm not much of a writer. The stories that I usually tell are pretty mundane and boring, and if you are in my family, you get the chance to hear it twice from me. I could always just embellesh things to make them more exciting on my blog, and I've thought about it a time or two, but of course, big d would have called me on it anyway.

But it recently took me by surprise when I recieved a comment to one of my posts under a new name I had never heard. I deduced, after a moment of though (which is very lacking in my newborn compromised brain), that it was my big sister. Whoa!

See for two years or so, I've belonged to an internet group, lovingly referred to as "MOF's", and no, that isn't a vulgar term. My Online Friends. I was invited to a message board that has since, filled many hours of my day with funny stories, sad news, and lots and lots of mom to mom advice. The problem with said message board is/was explaining it to people. Especially my family. With heaps of wisdom I would relate an experience of an MOF to someone in my family, and I would recieve a look. You know that look, "are you kidding me". I would tell them about the friends I had made all over the world! I don't think they really understood what it meant to me (and what it meant to my kids, to have mom occupied for a couple of hours a day!). And see that little box over on the right, the one that says "casa mofstra" yup those are some of my real MOF's, click on a few and you'll see that I am totally not lying to you. In fact I've even MET some of them IN REAL LIFE. And only one was a hairy perverted old fat man.

So you see, for a while now, I've had two worlds, the online world or "meemers' world" and my regular hard copy "meemer" complete with my own siblings and parents. And they were complete and seperate in themselves. Now I've got a cross-over happening. My parents are reading my blog, and they could be reading yours. My two worlds are closing in on each other, and I'm not sure it is a good thing, of course it really couldn't be a bad thing, as long as they leave a comment now and then.

But beware o ye parents and siblings of mine! I will not edit out embarrassing moments, foul language, or the words breast, vagina, butthole. In fact I might just want to make you all blush just a bit more. Not that sex was ever a topic I deemed worthy to talk about online, well, at least on my blog, it could come up. Surely in the weeks to come, there will be many references to the color of baby poop, bodily fluids, and maybe a post on circumcision.


Nettiem said...

did not mean to freak you out
of course we read it. You post some neat stuff.

taffi said...

"In fact I've even MET some of them IN REAL LIFE. And only one was a hairy perverted old fat man."

I knew I should have shaved before we met! ;-)

Misty said...

hehe. I sometimes think about editing mine to avoid embarassment to my family. But then I remember I'm just me and I don't care! lol.

Stacy said...

I have a few family members that read mine, too! :D Some even leave comments!

And your doula is one of them... did your family know that? ;)