Thursday, June 28, 2007

i have a seven year old...

harry had a birthday. he's seven now. i was completely overwhelmed by birthday parties and family in town, fireworks, and making slime. see, we had a friend birthday party that morning with kids from his class. it was harry potter themed, so we "learned" in different "classes" how to do stuff. we had a care of magical creatures class, where the 7 year-old's chased chickens. we had a divination class, where they played memory with words and pictures. and a potions class where we mixed baking soda and vinegar and let it explode all over the table. and then we made slime out of glue and borax. it was a blast.

then we had a birthday party that evening with cousins and other family. pandemonium. we had family in town. i don't think our small house had ever had that many people crammed into it. then we went to our local town's firework celebration. throw in there a parade, a park festival, finding a cake. it was a full day.

and on that note of 7, my 7 year old is on his last week of school. finally. but as i watched him leave this morning, something my mother in law said when she was teaching first grade hit me..."we get them as little kids, and by the end of the year, they turn into big kids". i see a struggle inside him. a struggle between messing around and being responsible. he can be totally crazy, chasing his little brother around, and then he'll be scolding his little brother and being "too cool" for doing something similar. it is so much fun to see him grow up. and he has done a lot of that this year.

he is such a monkey. occasionally he still gets hurt and cries for mom. but he climbs tree's like a true kid. he has a passion for it, so i just don't watch him all the time, lest i worry or yell at him. he needs the adventure of it.

he played machine pitch baseball this year. he spent the majority of the games getting pointers on how to hit the ball. but when he finally did hit the ball, you could see on his face...he really loved it, and he accomplished it himself. he went 6 games without a single hit, and he still loved going to his games. he never gave up. what a great life lesson for all of us.

so i guess i should stop bragging about him, but as i mentioned to my mom yesterday, fussy is my easiest kid right now. with harry, i am being constantly thrown off balance. he will cry like a little kid about something really silly; be mature and understanding two minutes later about something i was sure was going to upset him. it seems being a mom gets harder in some ways the older they get.

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