Wednesday, July 07, 2010

catching up

my "healthy living" screen time hiatus has come to a close. do i feel better about myself? not really. the internet is such a big part of my life. i shop there, i talk to friends, i learn, i check out library books...etc and on.

however, i did learn that i can go without internet. i can use my phone and check my email, i can text a lot, and i can read more. what i can't do is make more time in the day to do everything. so while i didn't get everything done like always, i couldn't blame my internet addiction. i blame life. busy busy life. which is totally okay.

i thought i would catch you up on what has been going on. these pictures are completely out of order. and most of them were not taken by me. in fact, the wasatch back ones were taken by the awesome and amazing lindsey who was runner #7, and a pretty cool person to run with. not only is she really fun, but also pretty talented. too bad all my photographer friends live so dang far away. some of the camping pictures were taken by my kids. they are not professional. and i might have taken a few. the blurry ones mostly.

in our two month hiatus, we had lots of stuff happen, friends moved away, kids had birthdays, and life really went by fast. our family is involved in a show, and that seems to eat up most of our time. and on top of that, we run. we run as a family, and we run to get away from each other.

but this will catch you up. or mostly catch you up. remember, it's just a glimpse into my world, not a whole view.

that is probably it. i hope i find more fun picture treasures, and if i do, i hope you don't mind if i share them. the kids seem to be growing and changing and maturing more each day. and i am afraid that if i close my eyes, i am going to miss something great that they are always doing.

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Love, Deborah said...

I am so glad that I will still be able to keep tabs on your cute family even though we are far away now, I love the photos and I miss you!!!!