Thursday, November 18, 2010

you can't really top paul mccartney, but...

you can't really top going to paul mccartney. but you can come really close. this is mr. brandon flowers from the killers. it. was. awesome. not just because i love me some good killers music, but it was really fun to see a lot of different types of people. and by different i mean really tall people.

lets just say i learned a lot at this concert.

1- heels are totally the way to go if it's general admission. again, there were a lot of tall people.

2- never wear heels when you anticipate standing for 4 hours. between waiting and standing and waiting again, i have some numb toes and "killer" (ha!) foot pain.

3- the depot was seriously cool.

4- i think mr. flowers was singing to me. he looked at me, like, twice.

5- 5 rows of people in front of me. that was cool. that was a completely different experience than paul. because i could really see mr. flowers. especially when the people in front of me put down their cameras.

6- mr. ronnie vannucci is awesome for a surprise guest. and i yell super loud.

7. my mom, aka babysitter, is super cool for staying late and watching the kiddies. she deserves 5 stars for that.

8. for being at a "club" with a bar, there was only one drunk guy.

9. when said drunk guy grabbed me, i almost punched him

10. i like pushing around wasted drunk guys.

so, i send my thanks to mr. flowers. the concert was awesome. the fact that i went out with big d, was also awesome.


Love, Deborah said...

That sounds like very much fun!! I would wear heels for that!!

Kelsey-boo said...

G.A. is scarry sometimes. especially if it's all a bunch of teenagers. Anberlin was great but i was so done trying to push against everyone pushing me