Monday, June 29, 2009

some things in star trek must be easier

my nieces are cool. really really cool. this is them, here and here.

anyway, we came home from church yesterday to this. it totally shows how cool they are. and how much of a geek we are.

but i digress.

we have mice. it's totally gross and we are working hard to get rid of the dumb rodents. i wanted to just get a cat, but big d got some traps. which, lets face it, is really super gross. but as i am allergic to cats, the traps really are the better way to go.

yesterday, being creeped out thinking about the traps that could go off at any minute, and seeing the coolest banner on my front porch, led me to the daydream of the 23rd century. if only i lived then, i'm sure mouse extermination would be much easier.

wouldn't it be nice to have a computer readout of all the life forms in your house? it might be freaky to see how many mice and spiders and other things that crawl live in the basement, but still, i think it would be convenient. sure, we've caught 2 mice, but how many more are calling my garage home? wouldn't it be nice to know.
then we thought of star trekian ways to kill the mice and big d and i agreed, that a barian sweep would be the best idea. it kills everything. like a nice sanitized house. that would be great. of course we couldn't remember if it vaporized the bodies or not. if it did, man, that would be sweet. i think dead mice in the garage would smell bad.

too bad it isn't the 23rd century. all my problems would be solved.

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big d said...

best. banner. ever!

that popcorn pusher is my hero!

i'm still geeking out about it!