Wednesday, December 19, 2007

yes, that is my child....

chilly had his preschool program today. in all their many many differences, this is one where harry and chilly really do stand out. harry spent the majority of his school program with his back to the audience. and although he knew the songs, no amount of coaxing from his super sweet teacher, me, or grandma could get him to even look at us. i was mortified. stage fright.

chilly on the other hand, i believe, was the center of attention. he demanded it. when he wasn't singing, he was jumping, playing, talking loudly, picking his nose. he was trying to pull his hair out, talking to his friend. jumping with the songs, or just plain laying down on the job. he wasn't so afraid of anything. in fact, my 'mean" face did nothing in trying to calm him down. he was happy, carefree chilly. and i was mortified yet again

in both of these cases, i felt the eyes of the other parents on my child. thinking "why doesn't his mom do something" and in both cases i pleadingly looked around and asked "what?" what could i do? here's my kid giving everything he could.

i'm sure in both cases, it seemed worse to me than it actually was. chilly was only reprimanded once or twice. the whole of the program had me squirming in my seat.

it's not to say that i don't appreciate my sons personalities. i totally love my rock star 4 year old, and my general authority 7 year old. they make me laugh daily. and i can assume that at least some of the parents were wishing their boring child was a bit more like mine.

you can't really tell from these pictures, how big of a ham he was. i hope big d can post some video of it for you. it really is very crazy.

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Anonymous said...

He looked very cute in the pictures. I am glad he has fun and enjoys life. I sqirm at all of his cousins programs for the same reason.