Monday, November 02, 2009

halloween hangover

this morning, in an effort to be smart and on top of things, and an all around good homemakery wife and mommy, after i dropped the boys off at school, fussy and i stopped in at the local walmart. i wanted some things for dinner and i wanted to see the halloween clearance.

the boys had a generous helping of halloween candy for breakfast. fussy did too. only he was much enamored with his new found joy of bubble gum. i let him have it because we weren't at home, and i'm a bad, bad mom. as we were cruising around the local walmart, in search of something halloweeny that we did not yet have, and that we desperately needed, fussy shoved his gum to the back of his throat and started choking. then he puked.

all over himself and all over the cart and the floor. i was impressed because i really didn't think he had eaten much this morning. apparently i was wrong. we were close to the bathrooms so i was able to only endure a few stares from shocked customers and employees. in the bathroom i cursed the walmart for not ever having paper towels, or sinks that were child height.

fussy was not sick, he was not upset. he just had puked. he stunk though. enough to make me wanna yarf. there was a moment of dilemma for me. should i leave and take him home in his body fluid soaked clothes, or continue the shopping so i wouldn't have to come back. i continued the shopping.

about 5 minutes later, fussy decided more humiliation was due, and since he was fresh out of puke, he decided to hurl to the floor a plastic potion bottle filled with candy skulls. (it was clearanc-ed!) the bottle shattered in a violent and dramatic way, and of course, the shelf stockers were right there. what luck! i was embarrassed and frustrated but the kind walmart employee was reassuring me that he'd get someone to clean it up for me. i got the rest of my shopping done and we headed for the checkout. in record speed we were out the door, thank goodness, fussy was really starting to get rank.

we loaded the groceries into the van and i noticed that our sneaky dog had been a stowaway from the trip to the school. she was ripping up garbage from the boys latest trip to mcdonalds. fussy climbed in and left the door open, only i didn't see it, and as i was putting the cart away, the dog escaped. i climbed into the van and started the engine and was backing out before i saw my stupid doggy, wagging her tail at me through the window, whinging to get back into the van.

we did make it home. i got the 2 year old cleaned up, i got the dog home, the van cleaned up and the groceries put away. then the dog choked and hacked something up, all over the floor. what is it today that has a lot of puking going on? is it just our halloween hangover? i wonder what else is waiting for me today. i'm hoping it doesn't' involve any more body fluids.


Laurel said...

ew. i hate puke. almost as much as i hate poop. hopefully your day gets better!

Anonymous said...

yuck! I am so very sorry.

The black sheep A.K.A Pandora said...

one of my students pulled the fire alarm today and all but 4 of my students are out and 2 confirmed cases of h1n1......But I would never had traded it for your puke filled day at walmart. I love you. :)

Megan said...

Oh my word! That makes me tired (and sick) just reading that. I hope tomorrow is better.

Grandpa & Grandma said...

Whoa! Sounds like one of those times when getting home was a major accomplishment. Aren't you glad every day isn't quite that bad?