Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i always tease big d about being an optimist. he can call, busy at work, in a meeting, or something else, and give me a prediction for his arrival home. i usually add and hour. or if we need to meet someone, i add time, or if he wants to have a day off, he will be hopeful, while i just don't make plans until last minute. something always comes up. i always tell him he's an optimist and i'm a realist. i've gotten used to it over time.

in motherhood though, i'm defiantly an optimist. one of my kids will throw up and i'll make an excuse. "maybe dinner was bad", or "maybe he jumped around too much". when in reality i know that he is sick.

such is fussy. since sunday. it started sunday night with a late night puke. and the optimist in me thought, "this is just a one time thing. no big deal, he'll feel better in the morning". and fussy did feel better in the morning. and he played and jumped and then puked again. only it was a lot later. so i just thought "well, his stomach is probably just tired from last night, and he was jumping around a lot". and then he puked that night. and then my realist side kinda kicked in. and i knew he was sick.

last night he was up every hour, on the dot. which makes for the grumpy realist side of me to stomp my foot. tomorrow is the big turkey day, and if this continues as history predicts, well, i won't be going. i will be home with either fussy, or someone else. or even myself. pukey sicks rarely leave the house with just one victim.

i guess it's time to stop making fun of big d.


The black sheep A.K.A Pandora said...

awww poor fussy!!!! and porr Meems for missing turkey day!!! I love you guys hope it gets better!

Megan said...

Aw man! That sucks! I hope he's somehow magically better by tomorrow. (I'm an optimist too)

Laurel said...

it must run in the family-- t is beyond optimist. seriously, that first paragraph is us, word for word. i'm so sorry fussy is sick! i hope you guys don't miss out on thanksgiving!!