Wednesday, March 03, 2010


501 posts to my little ol' bloggy here. well, this post is 501.

i haven't updated because, well, because sometimes blogging is too much work. and i don't think anybody reads this anyway. but i will update what is happening in our lives. well, i'll sorta update, because it would be too boring, even for me.

we survived off track time. 4 weeks is a long time to be off track. 4 weeks in february is longer. 4 weeks on not really being able to go outside causes a lot of contention in the house, especially when you have 3 boys who are all different. harry wanted to read, chilli wanted to play for and be wild. and fussy didn't want his brothers to mess up his perfect life of being spoiled and momma's boy.

but we survived. we did have some sickness toward the end. a nice bout of stomach bug and sore throats. we did get through it.

we went to the history of ancient life, we went to the build a bear knockoff ( it was a promise from fussy's birthday) and we had a day of painting and building various crafts. we also made it to "the lightening thief". the boys put up with my running schedule, and i endured their sleeping schedule, which was usually in a tent in the basement. they pretended they were camping each night. and they read to each other until they would fall asleep. which resulted in harry reading the entire percy jackson series, and then re reading the first 3 books back to jimmy. who is chili, he just wanted me to change his name on my blog.

pictures and more to come later.


Love, Deborah said...

i'm so glad you made it thru!! and i love reading your blog so don't give up!! It could always be worst, I have a stat counted on my blog so I KNOW no one reads it! ha:)

Trisha said...

I love jimmy. he's awesome. I'm feeling house fever here too, and it aches!

love you

i should comment more on your blog, so you know that i'm reading it. always wondering what you're up too!

Tantalum said...

Hey cuz, your blog totally get read! I need to be less of an internet wallflower and leave a comment here and there.