Monday, March 29, 2010


there were some huge fires in our neighborhood today, i think it was controlled burn day. anyway, you remember i live in the country. well sorta. anyway, on our way home from school, we just had to drive by and look. we watched the ash fall to the ground like huge black snowflakes. it was pretty interesting. on our way home, we were driving farmville, looking at the fields of animals.

"hey, look at the baby horse!"
"oh, look at the cute little goats"
"hey mom, i see some nursing cows!"
"i see a mexican...bok bok bok"


fussy sometimes mixes words up. we had a good laugh about that one. and then i reminded the 6 year old to not say it.

with our backyard full of fallen ash grass, we found a cool new thing to do. it's called, paint-yourself-black-with-ash. we gave ourselves mustaches and beards. we colored our hands. and then we realized we just looked dirty. or like we were in a very bad ol' timey movie.

when big d got home, i decided to go for a run. which, ya know, when half the neighborhood is on fire, is probably not the smartest choice. i really wanted to get out there, so i went anyway. i could smell smoke the whole time. but occasionally i could also smell bbq. it smelled so yummy and good. and then i remembered that the fields that were on fire were cow fields. i thought it was funny how my brain put that together. i came home and had a grilled hamburger for dinner.


The black sheep A.K.A Pandora said...

awwww, It sounds like you guys have so much fun!!!

Snider Family said...

LOL you're funny.