Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy 4th of July

It is one of my favorite holidays! No really, next to thanksgiving, the fourth of July is up there with memorial day and Halloween. I could list the holidays in order, but I'm afraid I'd offend a lot of well meaning mormons. Because I don't like Christmas. Well, that isn't true, I love Christmas, just not how most people celebrate it. I tend to be grintchy that time of year.

But honestly I have always love the 4th of July. I guess it come from being raised in a small town where there was a good ole' fashioned pancake breakfast cooked by my dad down at the local park. And a parade, carnival, and all sorts of other activities. Followed by a trip to the stadium to watch the firework show. Staying up late in the coolness of the summer night. Being eaten by mosquitos and eating salt water taffy.

It was only later, in high school, during my AP American History class, that I really fell in love with what our country means.

So I wont' go into that, mainly because it is late, and I don't intend this to be a long post. Let's just say, freedom is a pretty amazing thing.

So how will you be celebrating this year? Due to the fact that we are all recovering, see previous post, we won't be going to parades, swimming at any pools or doing anything patriotic. Maybe the flags will go up in the morning, and I'll light the sparklers that I bought the kids. That is it. Sad huh? I'd love to do the cookout thing, but I don't think it will happen. I'd love to go watch some fireworks, but that really ain't gonna happen.

So for the 2nd year in a row, the 4th is become a downer for me. Last year we were in Nauvoo, and it was fun and all, but not really. Nobody really noticed that I was craving a celebration. Or if they did, they were all too busy to do anything about it. And this year, well this year the nastiness of strep will keep us confined until that magical 24 hour mark, at which point we will probably already be in bed.

So if you can, do me a favor, will ya? Eat some salt water taffy, sing our beautiful national anthem, and blow up a small piece of our country for me.


big d said...

well, i will celebrate by working. all day. like i have everyday since i left. maybe i'll send sparks into the air with a grinder or something. probably, i'll just sweat and complain.

happy birthday america! i love you.

i just wish i could be with my family today!

Vlyb said...

I love this holiday too! The fireworks, my grandparents lake house with pot luck and BBQ, swimming and jumping off the dock...oh I could go on and on.

My brother sent me an amazing email that he typed himself...I thought it was a fwd, but it wasn't...he served in Desert Storm so he has a lot to say on this day.

Anyway, Happy 4th of July! **==

Stacy said...

Happy Indepenence Day! I ate taffy for you, sang the National Anthem and went to a parade and saw fireworks... Maybe we can do a late celebration sometime to "make up for it"?