Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another post about my kid

Since I have refused to potty train Chilly, thanks to the advice given here, and the fact that I AM lazy, tired, and sick of cleaning poo; Chilly has thus decided to train himself. My only demand is that he not wear pants if he pees in his underwear.

See that is how kids work. When I was all hot on getting him to, he had no desire, when I decided it was better off to not do it at all, he starts.

But I am happy, because he is starting to get it. Not just the potty training stuff, but the fact that he is growing up.

Maybe I should start demanding that they not pick up the toys, not eat their dinner, or take a bath.

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APRIL said...

You're lucky that he started on his own!! I thought Greta was on a roll and then in the last week she had given up all potty training. Then I talked to my sister this morning and she got after me, telling me to just put her in panties. Well, only one accident so far today....