Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It breaks my heart

As a mom, the hardest thing to bear, is when your kid has something bugging him, and feels they can't tell you. Like Harry going to school today. There was something wrong, but he wouldn't tell me. And when we finally got to school, he decided right then and there, that no force on earth could make him go to class. I begged and pleaded with him to tell me what was wrong, I took him into his class. He finally let me go, but I am now a mess here at home. What is wrong? What is bothering him so much that he doesn't want to go to school today?

I hate this. You know it really doesn't get easier the older they get. It just changes.


scraphappymama said...

I'm a believer that it never gets easier. As scary as that is, I think it's the easiest when they are newborn babies. The challenges change, and as the years go by those challenges come with longer and sometimes eternal consequences. Ahhhh!!! The joys of parenting.

PS I hope he tells you what's bugging him!!!

big d said...

as with all progression, the physical should strengthen us for the spiritual.

that said... i really thought we had a few more years before this kind of struggle!