Friday, January 19, 2007

At the end...

Pregnancy is a wonderful time. Filled with glorious moments and joyful experiences. That said..

Am I done yet?

please, don't get the wrong impression here, I am greatful for this experience, especially since I really questioned if I'd ever get to again. But here I am, I have, I've done, and I'm done.

I haven't crossed the line to castor oil, not yet, but you could probably tell that I am evicting my baby.

Today for lunch I had doritos and a coke. Yup. And some cookies. I'm trying to make my womb as inhabitable as possible. I've tried to have "good" nutrition this whole time, I've exercised, drank water and tea's. I've taken my vitamins, my calcium gook, and assorted other magical things to help me feel better. Not anymore. I've started the coke cleans. Mostly because there is no way I'm going to look or feel any better until after I have this baby. lets get the show on the road.

I've turned away any kind of clothing with a stupid brand name. Like baby's nest, in due time, motherhood, baby sling...etc. You get the point. I'm not going to wear that stuff anymore. Mostly because it doesn't even fit me anymore. No, right now I'm hauling out my oversized pajama bottoms and ill fitting t-shirts. Like I said before, there is no use even trying to make myself feel lovely.

I've started loudly telling everyone that this baby could come at any time. They say that the baby can hear you. Can mine? obviously as well as his older brothers.

There is no more space in my stomach for this kid. he stretches, he pulls, he smooshes. I'm sure I've got bruising on my pelvic bone. I've started pushing back. Maybe I should start with a few jumping jacks anytime this kid gets the hiccups.

I know, soon there will be a post from me about "what was I thinking" and how "hard it is to have a baby again" . I know that in a short time, my belly will be jiggly with extra skin, and my boobies will be rock hard. And I still won't be getting any sleep. But the sooner that happens, the sooner I can get back into some kind of routine of bleary eyed mothering. I will be able to wear the super fat clothes i've got stored away. I'll be able to tolerate eating healthy again. I'll be able to have normal conversations about poop and sleep, instead of the condition of my cervix. And hopefully I won't miss the kicks and jumps from my innards too much.


ShelahBooksIt said...

I hope it's soon for you. I remember the misery only too well! The first month is hard, but the good part of it is that you actually get to have the baby as you're going through it. That makes it SO much better than the last month of pg! Hang in there!!!

big d said...

i hope it's soon too! after watching home video of baby harry, i'm really excited!

scraphappymama said...

Sending you birthing vibes. For your sake, I hope it is soon. Good luck!!!