Thursday, January 11, 2007

power tools ain't just for men

alright, well, I've always been shy around the big yard things. You know, the lawnmower. But out of desperation to keep my yard looking nice, I learned how to use the thing (and I only broke it once). I've even stolen the cordless drill a time or two for "projects" around the house.

But I think today I stepped over that mark out of girly-ness. I used a snowblower. This is a real man's thing. I had to plug it in, and read a lot of directions. Unplug it, use the choke, figure out what the heck the spinney things did. Then I had to endure fumes and loud noises. But I got my driveway "shoveled" in a lot less time than with the regular shovel. And I did my neighbors house too.

Okay, so I didn't get as much exercise as I would have using the traditional method, but hey, 38 weeks pregnant, and I need a break. Maybe I should have use the regular old shovel, maybe this kid would've got the hint?


big d said...

i hope it snows when i'm home, so i can try it!

EmLouisa said...

Fun!!!!! and you are already 38 weeks pregnant? Where did the time go?