Friday, January 26, 2007

please don't call

I will call you. Please let me spend the remainder of this pregnancy un annoyed by endless and repetitive phone calls.

annoying person: how are you doing

Me:I am fine

annoying person: have you seen your midwife yet ?

Me: no, I'm okay, she's okay.

annoying person: any signs? contractions, cervical mucous?

Me: NO, I promise I will call you if anything happens.

My "due" date is in 3 days.

The upside is that I've never felt so popular.

I've also contracted a nasty cold, see so big d, in all his niceness and sweetness decided to take Chilly to work with him today. So I could spend the morning (it is early out day today at harry's school) in bed. But the phone kept ringing...CONSTANTLY. And it isn't like I can throw it at the dog or leave it off of the hook. If Harry's school were to call, and it has happened before, I could be in trouble, you know, like if he were puking or broke his arm or threw a book at his teacher. Whatever.

So my blissful morning of sleeping was intereupted at least 5 times. I've got a gorilla stuck in my chest, my neck is stiff, my nose and head is filled to capacity. And I'm loosing my voice. A morning of sleeping would have been a wonderful thing.

This must be the reason I have yet to spurt forth an infant, who would want all those pictures with a seriously sick momma?

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TheMomoftheShoe said...

What is it with getting sick right before delivery? It's happened to me more times than not. Misery!! I hope you are feeling better and that you are able to enjoy those last few days of not having to share your baby with anyone else! May your delivery be as fabulous as possible. :)