Thursday, May 31, 2007

i survived the birthday

chilly's birthday party was today. originally when big d and i started having kids, we thought it would be cool to always celebrate their birthday on the actual day. and we have. this year though, i was really hoping for a saturday or friday because i knew the boys would be wound up, and never go to bed. but yeah, last saturday big d had to work, this saturday we have both a baptism and a family reunion. friday is a ball game for harry. there was nothing else to do but to actually celebrate it on the day.

we also decided a while ago that the kids would get a friend birthday party every other year, starting at age five./ but i really wanted some friends over for chilly. i held tight to the rule though...mostly because of the fact that his birthday was on a thursday.

so without that..or with that, here's my little 4 year old...

yes, he had a pirate birthday and here he is as captain jack sparrow. again i'm not thrilled with the idea, but what do you do? i'm too lazy to interest him in other things, so he is now all pirated up.

it's pretty cute. so we've a pirate in our family. i want to say thanks to my parents who braved the traffic to see a little boy and eat some bad cake (which i didn't get a picture of, but it was cool.) and thanks to my brother in law who brought his kids and endured flighty me. and to my sister in law, who brought her girls, and left the boys at home (dang her).

oh and here's some pictures of fussy...well..because he's too cute to resist.

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