Monday, October 15, 2007

fighting for computer time

it's good for me. my kids have discovered the wonders of the computer. they beg to be on it all day. from harry typing up his stories, to chilly playing on pbs kids. even when the internet is out, they still fight over playing games. so take that into consideration. we have one computer, and as much as i would love my own laptop, that aint happening. so i am just an infrequent visiter now.

if chilly see's me park it in front of the computer, he starts in for Super Why. and i'm a terrible mother because 1, i don't even know who that is, and 2, i'd rather just let him and not fight about it. if harry is home (which he will be for the next 3 weeks of off track time) there's no way i can spend a peaceful moment with mofs.

it comes down to after bedtime. to be honest, my neurons don't fire well after 8 pm. i'm not witty, or clever. just tired from a hard day of being the mommy. and i'm probably nursing fussy, typing one handed as i am now.

there ya go. my reasons for not blogging much. not that really anyone but me cares. i'm the only one who reads this blog.

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scraphappymama said...

i don't even have to fight for the computer, and yet i still hardly ever blog and my brain NEVER functions anymore. lol.