Friday, October 05, 2007

my baby

fussy. did you know he's 8 months old? yep, he is. it seems really crazy, and i kinda feel badly, but i LOVE that he is older. i mean, he was cute as a newborn, and fun to look at, but everyday he seems to get more fun.

he isn't crawling yet, or doing much besides sitting and eating. that seems weird to me because both my older boys were very active by this time. harry was actually walking at 8 months. of course he was my first, so really he didn't seem that different. fussy seems like he would like to crawl, but then he decides he's perfectly happy in my arms.

the third time around is a lot different, at least for me. it seems to go faster. i am so much busier now that i have school kids, playdates, soccer,'s hard to remember what it was like when i just had harry. i am definantly not as stressed out this time.

yeah, pretty random. it's just been on my mind lately, how different it seems now, how quickly he is growing up, and the fact that i'm not terribly sad by that. in fact i'm pretty excited about it. crawling walking, getting into things. first words, hugs and kisses. being the mom is a lot of work, but i think getting to watch somebody grow firsthand is pretty amazing.

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