Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 is over, on toward 2008!

what is it about this time of year, when we reflect on where we have been, what we have done, and vow to not make those same mistakes the next year? ahhh new years! about probably the worthless of all holidays. well, i say that in a loving sort of way. but honestly why? why do we celebrate the start of the year with a day off work, or a midnight party?

anyway, i have been thinking about 2007. i've been wanting to sort of write a year in review kind of thing. but as i looked back, there was pretty much this: i had a baby.

i had a baby in January, and i really don't remember much about the rest of the year. that and someone really wound the clock up tight because it was running fast all year long.

but for you who have nothing better to do, here ya go:

january: fussy joined the family on january 29th. meaning i was pretty miserable most of the month. the month of waiting really. i do remember that i had planned to name him elvis if he had come on mine (and elvis's) birthday. but he didn't, even with that promise of a sweet name.

february: i wasn't sleeping, but ironically, my baby did that all day long. and everybody got sick, including my week old newborn. harry learned to stay upright on his two wheeler. the month ended with fussy actually smiling!

march: my sister one up'ed me and had her baby girl! my in laws decided we were not enough to keep them here and moved out of state. fussy's blessing! i also gave up any and all dairy this month in attempt to keep fussy from being.

april: fussy was sick enough and started breathing treatments. we got 3 new chicks!

may: chilly's tonsillectomy. chilly's 4th birthday. captain jack sparrow style.

june: baseball for harry. his last day of 1st grade too. AND harry turned 7 and had a wicked cool harry potter birthday party.

july: besides the 4th of july festivities and family functions, big d spent 2.5 weeks in nauvoo. i was solo parenting. i don't think i lost it completely, but i came close.

august: 1st day of second grade for harry. big d and i were getting up early am for runs. the boys and dad went on a camp out, while fussy and i stayed home!

september: fishing at the pond! i had a running collision with the pavement and wounded myself. chilly's first day of preschool!

october: snakes, snails, puppy dogs and skeletons. well the snakes we found in our yard, the snails have always been there. puppy dogs and skeletons were the cool thing for mom to make me look like. right boys? along with being captain jack sparrow a dinosaur, and a sick superman for halloween.

documented proof of fussy's scooting. big d's and my 5k. thanksgiving yada yada yada

december: weren't we just there? freezing temps, snowy weather. gingerbread houses with family, ward parties, school parties, school programs (is that MY kid on the stage?)

all in all, not too bad. i got all this from my bloggie. it seems a little sparse during a few months where i was too busy, too tired, or otherwise un bloggie full. this year, i'll do better.

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