Monday, January 07, 2008

its' not that i am's just that...

it snuck up on me. when did this happen? not only am i turning 30 years old, i can't remember how i got here.

i have an idea. my kids stole it. they stole my 20's. they steal all the good food at home. the chocolate, the cinnamon bears. they steal the best spots on the sofa to watch movies. they steal my nights, they steal my socks. AND now i find out, they stole my youth.

it isn't that i am old. i feel very much young. i still feel like i did when i was 22, only things seem different, like i'm wiser. smarter. assier. my body is fine, my gray hairs... well, i can't find them. i am noticing tired lil' wrinkles in a few places. really, i just don't feel like i'm 30.

i don't even know how 30 is supposed to feel! maybe i do feel like 30, i just don't realize that 30 isn't much different from 20. maybe that is why women keep saying they are 29 every year. they just don't feel 30 yet.

THEN i go on and think that in only 10 years, i'll be 40. i really better get to work if i want to having something to show for 40 years of life. i know i have accomplished some things already. apparently, i taught my kids how to steal my youth.

i'm not sad for turning 30. in fact, i am a bit excited that people have to take me seriously now. i have been looking forward to being part of the cool crowd for a while now. of course, now that i am here, i bet they will all turn 40 and be much cooler again. i guess i just better enjoy who i am, and try to remember how i got here. even better, try to pay attention to the next 10 years.

happy birthday to me!

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you. I remember the day you were born. I remember looking at mom's swollen belly thinking there was no way there was a baby in there. I remember Aunt Elaine coming in to tell us we had a baby sister and Bills "not another sister" You look great for thirty and I am proud to call you my sister.
Love you big sis nettie