Monday, January 28, 2008

happy birthday fussy dear

has it been a year already? it seems both like it has been forever and that it was just yesterday that you were born. i remember the day clearly, but i have trouble remembering other specific days.

you are such a special sweet baby. and i knew you would be. from the moment we found out we were going to have you! you may have stolen my heart, but you give me so much love in return. you keep me on my toes, but you stop to give me love just as often.

you are you. original. it is going to be hard for you sometimes, being the third boy. with two strong older brothers, you might just get lost a bit. you have your own personality. your own sense of humor, your own timetable.

i will miss this baby year, but you are so much fun now. it's okay that you are growing up. i have had so much more fun than i have ever had with a baby before. you are so silly and so cute. i cannot possibly imagine having a different baby. so happy birthday my sweet boy. my third son.

i love you my fussy.

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