Thursday, March 06, 2008

laws of nature

there are a few things we humans cannot live without. you know the list, food, water, shelter...yada yada yada.

in our day and country, for most of us, especially if you are reading this bloggy from the coziness of your own home, you have all those things. maybe more than enough. i know i do.

there is one other thing that we need to survive. sleep.

at the present time, i'm running pretty low on this one. and although my baby is over a year old, he still doesn't sleep through the night. i'm cool with that. but he doesn't sleep well. at least last night he didn't sleep well. so i'm a bit cookooo and brain deprived of real sleep. add on top a fussy preschooler who is sicky, and a tired big d, and a super duper grumpy harry pee pants, well, you understand the state of my house.

food, water, shelter, sleep.

1 comment:

big d said...

i'm fine! ok, maybe i closed my eyes for a sec (just to rest them 'cause they're burning) and i almost fell asleep standing at the urinal...