Monday, March 31, 2008

just some weird things

1. we have babies. more than one, apparently. one of our vents that leads outside, well the outside cover is broken. some birds moved in. we've been meaning to get them out. it's way too late now. i can hear baby birds chirping and crying. yesterday, we didn't hear them. in fact earlier this morning i didn't hear them. i can hear them right now. they are loud. this is going to be interesting. kinda cool to have birds living in my house. the dog is going nuts.

2. fussy never says "momma" nor does he say "mommy" or "mom". he says "dad" just fine. and "candy", "baby" "buh" (for brother) "ball". but no mommy. so i was coaxing him this morning. everytime i said to say momma, he leaned over and kissed me. what does that say? i'm not sure. maybe he is refusing to say mom but doesn't want to hurt my feelings. maybe he just wants me to shut up. maybe kissing me is his sign for mom. i dunno. it's pretty cute.

3. harry is off track for a MONTH. seriously most of April. he is already bored. he put groceries away, and is working on the dishwasher. i hope he keeps this up!

4. we have soccer every night except for monday, sunday and saturday. okay, so we have a soccer game 4 nights out of the week. it has been loverly weather this spring. the temperature even went pretty warm...until soccer started. we've had a week and it's already snowed twice! poor kids in spring soccer. i can tell you we won't be doing this next year. but that is just weird!

okay, i guess that is it.

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Goat Girl said...

I can't believe Fussy is talking so much already!

And birds that build their nests in homes are annoying! I think we had baby birds above our bedroom in an apartment. I think the manager got rid of them after I called and said something. :|