Monday, March 03, 2008

weekend update

my mouse on my computer is being wonky. big d and chilly pants gave me a new wireless mouse for christmas. chilly ran the batteries down playing on pbs kids, and since that fate full afternoon, things just haven't worked right. i replaced batteries, but i think the general whacking it took probably did it in. which is sad. i loved it. i still love it although it's wonky.

it snowed. and rained. it was windy, and 60 degrees on saturday. all in one day. wild huh? it was trippy from this end watching the thermometer drop and the wind start. i was bummed i didn't get an outside run in 60 degrees. 60! but i know the warm is coming. eventually right?

happy birthday nephew G. what's up G? yup. 10. crappers, that means that harry turns 8 this year. smokes! this kid thing is really going by fast. we went to his birthday party on sunday. it was filled to the top with all kinds of homemade pizza. and us playing a silly game where you sing into the microphones and act silly. i kicked big d 's butt. seriously, i suck, but he must have sucked worse.

harry ran away from home. he came back. he was very very angry and apparently i am the worlds meanest mom...ever. it's a nice title, don't you think? i need to get shirts made. he might be back to normal now. who knows why the outburst happened. even he is puzzled. i think i might have a teenager who is only 7.

fussy, scooter, or whatever you want to call him, check out bigd's bloggie to see footage of fussy flying. and here's some pictures of him eating his favorite

he's really cute huh? today he is trying to plug my headphones into an electrical outlet. lil' stinker. i think he scared the begeebies out of me. i think i might have done the same to him.

and then, to conclude this update on a really happy note, poor chilly is sick. another missed day of preschool, another day lounging on the couch. he has a fever of 150 and really is quite sleepy. you would be too. i hate having sickies. mostly because i really don't want to get the sickies. nor do i want anyone else to get them. poor poor chilly. i hope he gets feeling better soon.

that's it.


big d said...

craptastic! march had better be better than february, or somebody will suffer. (namely me...)

Anonymous said...

I hope you meant 105 not 150 otherwise you would be cookin eggs on chilly. Thanks for coming for the big party. G appreciated it. He wants to get together and play simpson with Harry soon.

Meemer said...

i was being, what do you say, dramatic and exaggerating the temperature a bit

Anonymous said...

my drama button is tied up with the emenent breakdown that should happen any day. I hate math

Meemer said...

me too. math sucks.