Tuesday, August 12, 2008

school and stuff

big d did a blog about the first day of school, and the last day of summer. you should check it out. it has some funny pictures of the big boys on it.

while i can't believe my middle child is now a kindergartner, it is almost harder to believe that my oldest is in 3rd grade.

starting school is so much fun. and so very stressful. this year was no different, especially in the stress department. seeing that we had not had a proper vacation in well...ever, big d decided to throw caution to the wind. we left our house thursday morning and came home from yellowstone late saturday night. it was fun. there was a lot of driving. fussy still doesn't like his carseat. while i'd like to lie to you all and tell you he did wonderfully on the trip, the truth is he didn't. and we did the whole illegal child out of car seat thing a few times.

it was fun. we did end up with a mild case of hurling on friday night. poor harry had a sick stomach. i don't know if it was the motel room in west yellowstone, or if it was the late late dinner, or the fact that he had about a bag of peanut m&m's. whatever. but he clogged the already slow motel sink with aromatic chunks of puke. i'm lucky, big d cleaned it up.

besides the puking, we had the car windsheild get a chip, the camera died, our motel was pretty much the oldest thing i've ever seen. it was a great trip. big d stopped to take a lot of pictures. and by a lot, i mean over 300. so that little slide show is nothing compaired to what we have.

we came home from our trip, expecting to just relax and get the kids ready for school. while we were gone, we got a letter from the school. for harry. concerning 3rd grade. specifically his teacher. who up and got another job JUST BEFORE SCHOOL STARTED. leaving my kid without a teacher. the letter was letting us know this, and that the class would be taught by the principal and vice principal, until a real teacher could be found.

well, that just blew the wind right from our sails. not only had i talked up his teacher to be, but now i know that the kid is getting a crappy situation. i don't do well with that. so we worried all day on sunday.

when we finally get to school we find out that the principal and vice principal are working really super hard on making the transition easier for the kids. i also come to find out that third grade is when the kids start moving classrooms. so everytime he comes back on track, he's going to be in a new room. my poor kid who is so resistant to change! first a weird teaching situation, and then the knowledge that he won't have the same room all year. what a change from second grade this is going to be.

meanwhile, chilly is having the time of his life in kindergarten. and who wouldn't . it felt weird to be doing that again. it was incredibly boring to listen to the "this is what is going to happen" things. i guess by the time fussy's in kindy, we'll know everything we need to know about kindergarten. chilly's teacher seems nice. i just know he is going to be a handful. i feel pretty confident that this teacher will be able to handle it though.

it's been busy. between finally getting a vacation (our first family vacation that wasn't centered around a family reunion or big d's work) to starting school, to taking an interest in our family heritage....the kids have been so stinking busy. i will be happy for a routine again, but i am so sad that summer is gone for us.


The black sheep said...

What the heck???? What kind of teacher up and walks out a few days before school starts?! Thats crazy. I hope they find another teacher soon. Love the last pic! LOL. Puke in the motel sink huh...I have done that...But it was 3 day old pizza. LOL

Trisha said...

I'm pretty jealous of your family trip! Yellowstone is one of my most favorite places ever (did you know Kara worked up there a few summers in college? Consequently, our family visited there quite a bit.) Poor Harry, the barfin' alone merits our condolences, but he seems to have quite the whirlwind ahead of him. I hope that principal and vice principal remember how to teach children! So once your lives seem to routinize a bit, lets finally make good on our plans to go do something!

Megan said...

Yay for Yellowstone. I've never been there. Crazy. We'll have to put that on our list of things to do. Sorry about the crappy parts of the vacation, though. That sucks. Looks like you had a good time, regardless.

And look at how big your kids are. 2 in school. Sheesh! Hope the first day went OK.