Monday, August 25, 2008

uh, well, nevermind

because the whole doggy thing didn't work out. and not because the boys didn't want it to. no, they were pretty heart broken that mommy had allergies to poor lil' soda. it was a sad day at out house with lots of mourning. she was such a cute dog.

i think every experience is a good learning one. we know now we can't just go adopt a baby dog without checking it out first. no matter how cute and snuggly they are, they are not always harmless.


One Crazy Family said...

I understand. We got the kids all excited about Kuma and then when Izzy did not like him at all and we had to turn the girl down it was really hard. I still wish that Kuma would have worked out he was a cute doggy too.

Anonymous said...

AWW!! I'm sorry. My parents had to send a dog back to Santa because it made mom and dad so sick and Santa didn't know they had allergies. LOL (my parents finally figured out short-haired breeds worked out much better.)

The black sheep said...

awww man that sucks. I'm sorry. how about a fish tank?