Monday, December 22, 2008

christmas eve, eve, eve

when i was a kid, that is how we counted down to christmas. take whatever day it was, and add that many eve's. because we all know that makes sense. we all know how exciting christmas eve is. it's the anticipation more than the actual day.

now i look at is as some sort of wicked mean countdown. like a rocket blasting off. t-3 days and counting. if i don't have my to do list completed, i'm going to be headed for outer space without having gone to the bathroom first, or packing my frozen hot dogs.

so while the kids are excitedly counting the hours and minutes before santa comes, i'm grouching at them, and frantically running around with my chicken head cut off. what i wouldn't give to be more like the kids and actually enjoy these last few days.

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Tim and Vicky Porter said...

I'm with you! I am still not done this year. I am usually done before now and it is stressing me out! Merry Christmas.