Wednesday, December 17, 2008

feeling it

you know how you sometimes you forget to workout for a while. like a long time. and then you decide that you want to use those muscles like you have been working out? for instance, i was working on the 100 push ups challenge. somewhere ( i like to say october) i kept forgetting. or i didn't want to, or something. so i stopped doing them. then monday, (after an embarrassing comment from harry at church about the squishy-ness of my arms) i decided to do the push ups.

back when i was doing them regularly, i could do quite a few and feel great. so i figured i would be okay.

i did 100.

i can't move my arms today.

it felt great while i was doing them. in fact, it really wasn't hard at all. i wonder why i am so sore?

i guess though, it's true for everything. you stop reading the scriptures, and you end up falling out of that habit. stop running for a while, and it's harder to get going again. it happens with everything hard, right?

tonight is our first show after a week and a half off. it feels like it has been a month since we did the show. i really don't want to go back. not because i don't want to do it or anything, but because i know tomorrow is going to be a killer. harry and i are going to be super tired, mostly because we won't be used to it. those muscles we use to climb up and down the stairs, and those that keep our eyelids open are in for a workout. i hope we are not too sore tomorrow.


Robin said...

I'm impressed. I couldn't even do 1, let alone 100 push-ups. You are amazing!

Katie said...

Yeah seriously - 100 pushups!!? And it wasn't hard? What are you?

Anonymous said...

well I did 50 crunchies w/a medicine ball yesterday and I feel it. I did 30 pushups last week and decided they are overated LOL

Laurel said...

You're my new hero. I don't think I could do a push-up if my life depended on it. maybe I could crank out like 10 girly ones, but that's still asking a lot.