Monday, December 01, 2008

deja vu

sort of.
only with a movie.

i feel like i've seen this movie before.
about 100 times before.
maybe because i have.
it's normal at our house to hear ""
or "t.v. on, watch queen".

it's getting tiring.
it's getting boring.

although i do have to admit, it's nice to be able to have 20 minutes where fussy isn't crawling on me wanting something.


Megan said...

Hopefully he'll move onto something else soon. My kids won't watch that movie, but I've seen Aristocats more times than I care too, even if it is cute.

The black sheep said...

what movie is it? I'm curious.

Tantalum said...

Our boys are Cars nuts, too. If they catch us sleeping, we get "honked" like they do when 'Queen and Mater are tractor-tipping. That and running around the house with their flashlights yelling "Ka-CHOW!"

Oh, and is the coolest site, or what? :)

The black sheep said...

ohhh it's the cars movie....duhhhhh, thanks.