Monday, April 27, 2009

workin' hard, or hardly workin'?

i know, i'm an inconsistent blogger recently. i've been really trying to figure out a way to blog when i'm asleep, seeing that i might have something interesting to say, and the time to do it. basically big d and i have been either going crazy working on the roadshow or we are waiting to be working on the roadshow. our kids have been at the church for hours at a time. as have we.

so if you have been wondering what all is happening in our lives, and why haven't i said much of anything, well, there you have it.

my niece did take the boys to a movie on saturday, which was really nice of her. i think they saw the monster alien thing. at least from what they have been saying. it really makes no sense when a 5 year old tries to explain something funny he saw in a movie. the two year old has been sick for about a month now. in fact, this morning he woke up bright and early puking. which, of course, was true to form. he has been waking us up every morning at 3am coughing and gaging. he continued to puke for a couple of hours.

and the older kids are off track for one more week. yes, i do know that is the reason the weather has been so cruddy lately. my kids are off track and bored and house bound. wouldn't it be nice to have warm weather... it would be nice for the wasatch back training too.

speaking of, i did a 15 miler training run in the rain on saturday. now if that isn't crazy, i'm not sure what is.

so there you have it. reasons my house is completly a mess, the kids are completly grumpy, and i'm just worn out.

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Megan said...

Man, do you ever get a break? Sheesh. You are amazing. I'm sorry you've had more than your fair share of shmuck lately.