Friday, June 05, 2009

14 years ago i fell in love

it was my first trip to new york

i fell in love with the city

little did i know, that i would move there 4 years later

little did i know, i would miss it when we moved back

i just received some books i ordered from the met. i miss the museums. i miss seeing street art, and performing street acts. or subway acts.

i just watched a movie based in new york. it reminded me of central park. of the carousel, of the old bridges. yankee stadium and the ticker tape parades.

i have a friend who is leaving for the city. i remember what it is like to walk down 5th avenue. to see penn station and all the life and energy. i am reminded of the diversity. of the many cultures and smells and exotic looking food. all the different types of stores. and all the street vendors at canal street.

it's funny. i love where i live. i love raising my kids here. but i miss new york. and not just new york, i miss being a part of something old. at least, as old as it can get in this country. i loved the history. i loved being a part of something that the whole world knew. i loved walking by famous buildings or statue. i loved the farmers markets. i loved the subway. i loved the neighborhood markets and endless dollar stores. the many library branches. the historic bridges.

i wish i had the money to take my kids and explore the city again. i'd be there in a heartbeat.


Angela said...

i love the met.
really. so much.

Laurel said...

Isn't it amazing?! I miss it already. I'm so jealous that you got to live there!