Monday, June 29, 2009

happy birthday harry

we had a birthday party for harry last saturday. we only do birthday parties every other year. it saves on my sanity. last year chilli had one, this year it's harry's turn.

he went with a lego theme.

we limited the number of friends, well, because 9 year old boys are crazy. he invited 5 friends and 3 came. we had lots of snacks thanks to the parade earlier in the day.

harry had decided the games. he wanted to do a game like pictionary only using legos. he also had drawn a big mini fig and we played "pin the helmet on the lego guy". we then guessed the amount of lego's in a jar. we then played a nice round of "pick up lego's with chop sticks". at last we let the boys free build. they had a blast and made a lot of fun things. even big d was in on the action.
after the party was over, we rushed harry to his friends birthday party at the bowling alley. when he got home, we went to our ward swim party. after that we went to the fireworks. it was a crazy busy day.
chilli and fussy at the parade before


Katie said...

that cake is so freaking cool! I will have to bookmark this page so when Luke gets older I can make him one. All boys love Legos right? Looks like a swinging paray. You are a very cool very hip mom.

Laurel said...

wow...that is a whole mess of legos. Happy Bday Harry! And that cake rocks!

Sherline said...

How fun is that? I've never thought of a lego theme for a party. It looks so fun. Neat, too, that Harrison thought up the games and activities. He sure is a creative kid!

Lei said...

how cute is that cake?