Sunday, August 23, 2009

star wars

there is this old theater that runs movies in the summertime. last night, after a long day of running errands, big d thought it would be fun to take the kids to see the original "star wars" at the theater.

i learned a couple of things.

1. fussy doesn't sit still through movies. really. he likes movies, and likes to watch them, but in a movie theater situation, he always needs a drink, he always needs candy. he wiggles, he kicks, he generally isn't happy. i remembered this about 5 minutes after we sat down.

2. star wars geeks come in all ages and sizes. but mostly the 30 year old single male that is generally in the shape of a donut. and they smell funny. and they seem to have an awful lot of money for darth vader costumes and props (incidentally, fussy calls darth vader "light saver").

3. people who get into free movies don't always bathe. teaching your kids the basics and reasons of hygiene has never been easier when they can see the reasoning behind it. we had to move our seats because the people in front of us really smelled so bad. like 3 isles up you could smell them. and we weren't really sure what it was, only that it was foul.

4. there was a kid that looked like mr. bean sitting in front of us. no really, he looked exactly like mr. bean. it was awesome.

5. the cutest voice was fussy yelling out "D-2 D-2"!!

6. i've seen star wars a hundred times. probably. this time it was cool during the opening credits. guess what, it's still star wars that i've seen 100 times. yeah, i was bored. sure, i think i was being distracted by fussy, and i was still tired from not sleeping the week before. i can tell you that the end battle scene is waaaaayyyy toooo long.

7. kids love going to movies. even if they have seen it 100 times.

8. i think it's better to be a star trek nerd than a star wars geek. while star wars might have more "action", it's really bad acting/script/dialogue. at least star trek is almost smart. just saying'.

9. fussy thinks chewbacca is a big dog. he even called it a puppy at one point. and made barking noises. awe, so cute.

10. the new version of star wars sucks. who really cares about han solo talking to a really dumb looking jabba the hut? or the other random parts. as big d said, the only thing it adds to the movie is time.

honestly though, it was fun. the kids loved it, big d loved it, and i loved that they all did. although, if they want to go see the other two movies, i think i'll stay home with fussy, send the other two with big d and a camera, and hope that the mr. bean kid is there.

yeah, i'll stay home and get my star wars fix the way it's supposed to be, playing the lego version. ahhhh yeahhhhh...

because really, the video game version is so much better.


Katie said...

Maybe that Mr. Bean kid was Joey's relative because everyone always tells him he looks like Mr. Bean. Of course, they try to be nice about it and say he looks like a handsomer version of Mr. Bean. I liked the post. I actually need to watch Star Wars because I don't know how I grew up without watching it but my first time was when I was like 16. So, if my kids are going to think I'm a cool mom - I'd better get the Star Wars lingo down.

Laurel said...

Sweet! Lego Star Wars rocks!

big d said...

i can't count how many times i had the urge to play that game during the movie!

love the happy pepper! (and the salsa you made with him!)