Thursday, August 06, 2009

there's a reason

that i don't put my kids names, or where they go to school, or our names, or where we live on our blog. that is because the internet can be a scary place.

my blog is not private, which means that i get a lot of people to my blog that i don't know who they are. i kinda like it this way. it's fun to see where people come from and who is reading my ramblings. i like the idea of a private blog. i wouldn't have to worry so much about what pictures i post, and using fake names and all that jazz. but the fun factor kicks in and i know that i won't blog much if i make it private.

that said, please, PLEASE remember that my blog is public. please don't use my kids names if you know me in person. i know it may have slipped a couple of times, and i've been fixing them. if you leave a comment with my children's names, i will delete your comment. it's not that i don't like you, it's just that...i'm trying to be as safe as possible and have as much fun as i can. don't make me go private. i really do love the comments.


Kelsey-boo said...

i'm sorry! i think ur nicknames are catchy and i hope i haven't slipped up too many times. i like it cause that stops spelling mistakes.

Meemer said...

dude, it's not you, it's me.

The black sheep A.K.A Pandora said...

you mean your kids noy named taco!? im crushed. *sniff*