Friday, August 21, 2009

vacation, it's about

we went on vacation this past week. we had a day where we went to the amusement park and watched the kids be crazy stunt men. it's not much. we can't afford to go to fancy places, hell, we can't even afford to leave our state. and the whole amusement park thing would be a no-go if we didn't have an awesome brother in law who spreads the wealth with discounts for us.

here are the pictures though. most of them are fussy related, really, we must hate our other two kids, huh? ah well. most of the time they were off playing with cousins or riding scary rides, or whatever. and you know, that fussy of ours is pretty dang cute

getting ready to ride puff the first time
harry, getting too big for the kiddie rides, but helping his baby brother non-the-lessfussy on the carousel
blurry me and fussy

driving his car

up on the mountain, he stole his daddy's hat

mating bugaflies

random big bug
climbing on the snow lift thing-ee
cousins, playing

the view

harry, master of the swings

and master of the crane

fussy at the ski lift
mastering the swings again

all in all, we had an excellent time. it was wonderful to spend time with family. to let the cousins use their imaginations and get lost in their play. we swam at the pool, we hiked on the crane. we stayed up way too late playing games. it was so much fun, i'm glad i'm home now. although i would love to take another vacation from the laundry that i now have to do.


sweetpea said...

What a fun time! I wish we had an amusement park close enough to take our kids too--I know they would love it!

I hear ya about the laundry, and all the post-vacation work. Yuck.

Sherline said...

Boy! I miss PRV. Glad you guys got to enjoy it. I loved the crane picture from above ... an angle I haven't seen. Pretty cool.