Monday, February 01, 2010

off track- day 1

"brother, hurry quick! you gotta get out of there before the mop of doom gets you!"

this morning, as i was waking up, getting ready for the day, the three boys were exercising. they had market off spaces in the kitchen as certain stations. with masking tape, they had them labeled. the sit up station, the running track (around the kitchen island) and the rest station with blankets and yoga mat. they continued "working out" for about an hour or so. they then brought the scale down and weighed themselves. they congratulated each other on losing weight.

does this say something about big d and me? does this say something funny about my kids?


Laurel said...

BAHA! That was the best story EVER!

big d said...

i wish my work would go off track with the boys... sorry i missed that!

ps. i love the beatles photo widget!