Tuesday, February 02, 2010

off track- day 2

"i really like these chicken nuggets, mom. they are so moist. maybe because they are shaped like fish?"

we don't have cable. we have regular digital t.v. whatever that means. anyway, on our box, that we hooked up to our t.v., a little message comes on if it has been on for more than 4 hours, without a channel change. the little message came on today. it's been a day with a lot of pbs kids.

oh, and it's also been a big day for circus animal cookies. for some reason my oldest really loves those. and the youngest really likes feeding them to the dog.

i'm thinking a field trip for tomorrow would be a good idea. maybe to the dollar store? maybe to the craft store. we need something more productive than watching arthur all day.

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Love, Deborah said...

and what only 29 more days to go?? YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!