Wednesday, February 03, 2010

off track- day 3

"i really want to watch the 4th harry potter movie, because that would help me be better at winning the harry potter game. right mom?"

the kids woke up, and were out of bed, before the normal time that i have to plead with them to get out of bed on school days. i had one kid begging to play video games. and one kid begging to make breakfast. so i rolled over and let them do what they wanted.

seriously though, it's before 7.30 and they are up and going. on a school day, i am begging and threatening them to get out of bed. why is that? they are going to bed later, yet they seem to get up much earlier.

and harry made breakfast this morning. he made eggs all by himself. i mean, i did get up, and i did make sure he didn't die from using the stove. but still, he did it all by himself. and then he made pancakes. he set out a plate for everyone. it was odd, but nice too.

we actually got out of the house too. after watching a harry potter movie, and playing a couple of video games, they were actually willing to make a trip to the craft store and the dollar store. i hope we got enough stuff to keep them busy for the rest of off track time. tomorrow, i think we will make pet rocks...


Laurel said...

I hear ya on the early morning junk. Landon has been getting up at 6:45 every morning. It's no fun. I think it's cute that Harry did the whole breakfast thing though.

Love, Deborah said...

yay for pet rocks!! my boys love that!!!