Tuesday, April 06, 2010

journal-ing our easter experience.

fires in the neighborhood, jimmy home from school

i have no memory as i was in bed all day

i was still sick

harry pukefest (and it really was. i have never seen a kid throw up so often)

harry home, still sick

easter egg hunt. we barely made it!
ran my 10 miles
conference sessions
big d got sick
my dad's surprise birthday dinner
shopping for easter basket goods
cleaned the house/laundry
stayed up late stuffing and then hiding eggs

dyed easter eggs
dyed easter dog
dinner at my sisters
played with sidewalk chalk
dumped bubble juice everywhere
gorged on chocolate

fussy never did come down with the sick, so we are counting our lucky stars.

1 comment:

Love, Deborah said...

I think you are a good mom. for some reason I just couldn't deal with easter this year, we watched some conference and I let the boys pick out there own 1lb. chocolate bunny, that's all.