Thursday, December 14, 2006

Be careful what you name your kids.

I believe this morning could have started out like any other. Tired parents, grumpy kids getting ready for school. It really didn't though.

My first thought as I rolled over and saw the Big D was missing from bed, and listening, I couldn't hear him in the shower, was that something was wrong. But I rolled back over and cuddled with the stuffy, germ laden three year old. When Big D walked back into the room, we had a sort of conversation that went like this:
"Is everything okay"
"Uh, NO"

My eyes perk open and I look at an uncalm husband.

"What's the matter"
"Oh there's a lake in the kitchen and it's raining in the basement"

Okay. Hmmm. Well it shouldn't be too much of a surprise, I mean, we've had a dishwasher problem, a shower problem, and now this problem. I am actually relieved because now I can stop stressing about the third thing to go wrong. Don't they always come in threes?

Well I started thinking, wondering, why we have had such awefull problems with water. Especially recently. then it dawned on me. Both of Big D and my name "mean" from the sea. Or something to do with water. So water is attracted to us. In some freaky weird sort of way it is true, just let me show you what I mean

1st house: (not too bad for 5 years of living there)
main sewer line problems had to be cleaned out several times while there (shudder, barf, etc)
bathroom flooded and needed fixed, including new flooring and vanity

2nd house: (2 years+ of living there)
main water line wasn't hooked up (idiots!)
main water line leaked (a lot)
craptastic house included non-standard fittings so we couldn't hook up basic things like dishwashers etc.
the bay window leaked a lot during times of precipitation, needed a new roof to fix the dang thing.

3rd house (1 year and a bit)
toilet issues
shower problems, inluding leaking into the ceiling of my family room
stinking non draining sinks, bathtubs and showers
dishwasher woes (we needed to replace just a couple of months ago)
dishwasher water line explodes and floods the kitchen, AND the basement.

So, we kind of started off slow, but there it is! water water everywhere. I'm really grateful though, our names don't mean something like "fire" or "wind" or "earth". I could be prone to burning something down, hurricanes or earthquakes.

That said, just be careful what you name your kids.


taffi said...

Ugh! Sorry you have to deal with that... but, yeah, glad your name isn't Flambe or something.

Hey, it's late, I'm tired and just not that creative. ;-)

TheMomoftheShoe said...

Yikes! Hope your house is on high ground lol

Rachelle said...

Sorry you have to deal with that that! Not fun at all!